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Sometimes they let me join them for baseball, but I was relegated to the outfield--in the pachysandra miles off, it seemed to me, waiting to show them I could interrupt the homer that almost never sailed my way.
A girl in an American flag-patterned leotard and white sneakers stepped through the pachysandra and bleeding hearts, a gold medal slung around her neck.
In woodland areas of the property, we continue to try to curb the invasion of Japanese pachysandra and vinca, which have spread from former gardens into the woods, crowding out native populations of plants.
The unmanaged woodland is surrounded by residential gardens and, as a consequence, has become a sanctuary for escaped horticultural plants as well as accidentally-introduced plants; the most pervasive of which are Pachysandra and English Ivy.
They tend to avoid tall fescue, periwinkle, myrtle, pachysandra, English ivy, hosta or plantain lily, euonymus, and ground junipers.
Leather crassifolia Bergenia crassifolia Lily-of-the-valley Convallaria majalis Epimedium or bishop's hat Epimedium macrothum Wintercreeper Euonymus fortunei English ivy Hedera helix Plantain lily Hosta decorata Creeping lily Liriope spicata Moneywort or creeping jenny Lysimachia nummularia Creeping mahonia Mahonia repens Pachysandra or Japanese spurge Pachysandra terminalis Star jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides Periwinkle or creeping myrtle Vinca minor
About three years ago my husband built up a 10-15 foot circular, soil-filled base planted with pachysandra, hostas, and bulbs that ranges from ground level to about 2 feet deep as the tree is on a slope.
"It lets light underneath the shrub, while the heavier top growth casts shadows on a background such as concrete." Low-growing geraniums, pachysandra and vinca minor are all pretty trouble free and would grow easily under large shrubs, he says.
LANDSCAPE NOTES: Alleghany Pachysandra is an excellent ground cover for shaded areas.
Choose varieties that suppress the weeds, the ground coverers such as the vincas and the pachysandra.
A Guide to Groundcovers Height Groundcover Evergreen Deciduous Spacing Ajuga or bugle X 5" Cotoneaster, X 12" creeping Cotoneaster, Semi 18" plus rockspray Euonymus, big leaf X 18" plus wintercreeper Euonymus, purple X 18" leaf wintercreeper Honeysuckle, X 12" creeping Ivy, Baltic English X 8" Mondo X 12" Myrtle or Periwinkle X 8" Oyster Plant X 12" Pachysandra X 12" Sarcococca X Tall- requires shearing Wandering Jew X 6" Weeping Iantana X 18" plus Yellowroot X 18" plus No.
For a lush, textured look, blend ajuga, periwinkle, euonymus, pachysandra and hosta.
Typical vegetation was "creeping ground cover, like a Pachysandra without any leaves," he says, "just branching sticks." Most plants were thought to be rootless and restricted to wet habitats, he says.
Pachysandra works well in shady spots, and some junipers that grow only about six inches tall and spread across the ground are good for sunny locations.