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thickening of the skin (usually unilateral on an extremity) caused by congenital enlargement of lymph vessel and lymph vessel obstruction

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The proposed treatment for PDP includes celecoxib and colchicine for articular, folliculitis, pachyderma, pamidronate for rheumatologic manifestations, and isotretinoine for skin symptoms.
recognized three forms of pachydermoperiostosis: a complete form characterized by both pachyderma (thickening of the skin) and periostitis, an incomplete form without pachyderma and a third form having pachyderma with minimal skin changes (Forme Fruste) [14].
Box core 1, located at 825 m on the continental slope in the northern Labrador Sea, contains the largest foraminiferal species richness, with 40 agglutinated species, 62 calcareous species, and two planktic species (Neoglobo-quadrina pachyderma and Globigerina bullhides).
Calvatia pachyderma (Peck) Morgan is Gastropila fragilis (L,v.) Homrich & Wright.
Sites in Yakutat Bay, distal to Hubbard Glacier, contain Elphidium, Cassidulina, Buccella, Nonionella, Fissurina, Adercotryma, Cribrostomoides, Spiroplectammina, and Reophax, This increased diversity and the presence of planktonic species, Neogloboquadrina pachyderma, is consistent with greater marine influence from the Gulf of Alaska.