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any of various nonruminant hoofed mammals having very thick skin: elephant

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1 -- color) Billy, above, a 23-year-old Asian bull elephant, is currently the only pachyderm living at the L.
The warfighters got what they needed, so it worked out--but the point is, there was nothing small about the Pachyderm, despite assertions to the contrary.
The identification with Thomas Nast's pachyderm was visceral and largely unthinking.
The trunk and large ears of this puppet mask announce its identity as a pachyderm, and bold designs lend vitality to its performance.
All strategy - McGuire triple-teaming the pachyderm and Kansas refusing to do much shooting from outside.
The winsome pachyderm was unmistakably a copyright infringement but Walt Disney himself gave it his blessing, surely one of the few times this has happened.
LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles city residents by an overwhelming 3-to-1 majority want the Los Angeles Zoo to continue to expand and upgrade its care for Asian elephants by completing the new Pachyderm Forest rather than halting construction, according to results from an independent polling firm, Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates (FMM&A), released today.
11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Baby Pachyderm Publishing, LLC is proud to announce the release of John Morton's Fire The Pretty Girl, Awkward Adventures in Business.
Siliguri, Dec 4 ( ANI ): A speeding train has killed an elephant calf near a reserved forest area in West Bengal state while the pachyderm was crossing the railway track.
If we'd been offered the final deal up front, I believe we'd have gone for it, despite the plastic pachyderm.
And it took rescuers three hours to get the pachyderm out of its precarious position - using a bulldozer.
Zoo spokesman Jason Jacobs said paying the fine has allowed the facility to move past the controversy around Gita's death and to pursue construction of a $42 million pachyderm forest - a modern update to the elephant exhibit.
Jim Carrey's lead role as the eponymous pachyderm is surprisingly restrained.
It urinated all over the studio and its keeper and the presenters fell over in the pachyderm pee.
The Japanese researchers who dubbed a pachyderm secretion to be "hipposudoric acid" seem to know more about biochemistry than about etymology ("Red Sweat: Hippo skin oozes antibiotic sunscreen," SN: 5/29/04, p.