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any of various nonruminant hoofed mammals having very thick skin: elephant

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Elephants are not endemic to the Philippines and Mali is the only known surviving pachyderm in the country.
The pachyderm building will be renovated into an exhibit and educational space.
Francesca joins 43-year-old Wolee in the zoos pachyderm exhibit.
A nonprofit organization devoted to the conservation of African pachyderms, the Elephant Project tweeted that the reprehensible behavior by the Trump administration will lead to more poaching.
DUMBO Sky Movies Disney 3.30PM The little big-eared pachyderm is as adorable as ever in a parade of spun-candy colour that makes a mockery of the 1952 Oscars awarded to Cecil B DeMille's plodding Greatest Show On Earth.
It's probably a wild Scottish underwater pachyderm rather than a monster."
Using both elephants and human beings, she asks, are we that much different from our pachyderm friends when it comes to processing emotion?
In the wake of the escalating human-elephant conflict (HEC) in West Bengal, the state is considering a hugely successful South African birth control route to regulate the growing pachyderm population.
"Cinderellaphant" is a Loxodanta based version of a recognizable children's tale, with a pachyderm heroine named Ellaphant (or Cinderellaphant) and a family of step-hippos who have an exploitative relationship with their poor step-sister.
But he'd like his publisher move faster than the pachyderm.
The health care debate qualifies as a pachyderm brawl royal--but media, at least, stand to flourish.
The delightful photographs offer texture and insight: close-ups of wrinkly rough skin and an eye or of pachyderm behavior (trunks entwined; elephants walking or enjoying a group nap).
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 The Flintstones; 2 Manila; 3 Fifteen; 4 Shame on him who thinks evil of it; 5 The harvest moon; 6 Lanolin; 7 David Copperfield; 8 The Chancellor of the Exchequer; 9 Pachyderm; 10 Arundel..
Carrey is surprisingly restrained with his vocal performance as the eponymous pachyderm, who risks hide and trunk to save an entire universe he can barely see.