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a Mexican-American teenager who belongs to a neighborhood gang and who dresses in showy clothes

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Some of the languages she mentions are: Standard English, working class and slang English, Standard Spanish, Standard Mexican Spanish, North Mexican Standard dialect, Chicano Spanish, Tex-Mex and Pachuco.
Tin-Tan's linguistic hybridity, his mimicry, and his stereotyping (of pochismo) placed him in a liminal position that began unmasking and menacing the homogeneous realm of Mexican nationalism, since the pachuco's cultural survival strategy was not recalcitrance or silence but loudness.
Twenty-odd years later, already established as a poet and a chronicler of the Spanish Civil War, he returned to Los Angeles in the last years of World War II, between 1943-1945, and reaffirmed the subjacent cultural ties first established in his kindergarten days, identifying strongly with the embattled Mexican-American youth he found there: "Me reconoci en los pachucos y en su loca rebeldia contra su presente y su pasado ...
I was also so impressed with the daredevil image of the 'Hells Angels' who rode the streets of my town and I decided to part with my prized zoot suit or 'pachuco' outfit in exchange for that small motorcycle.
West Coast and exemplified transcultural exchange among African Americans and Mexican Americans through pachuco styles, khaki outfits, flannel jackets, loc glasses, and low-rider vehicles.
The prospects of Ramon "El Pachuco" Rodriguez of Mary vale, Arizona, who arrived from Sinaloa in his 30s a couple years ago without a high school degree or even a green card, are deemed somehow relevant to those of Lowell "Skippy" Rodriguez of Greenwich, Connecticut, and Groton.
En lo que atane a la poesia, el fragmento del Poema en tres idiomas y calo del chicano Jose Antonio Burciaga (1992:39-41), incluido en la tabla 2, presenta una combinacion sumamente creativa y sugerente de nahuatl, espanol, espanol nahuatlizado, ingles y calo pachuco. (8) Para Burciaga, figura clave del movimiento chicano de los anos sesenta, todos estos idiomas y su mundo son componentes esenciales de una lengua y una cultura nuevas, la identidad chicana, resultado de la mezcla o hibridizacion de todas ellas.