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an ancient board game resembling backgammon

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The Baital Pachisi; or the Twenty-five Tales of a Demon.
Anthony), and other schematic ethnic, social, and literary types ("loudmouthed thug" Vinnie Pachisi, "depraved legislator" Senator Street, "dupe of the Communists" Charles Dexter Ward, and so on).
They are Ada after Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace, daughter of the poet, mathematician, analyst and founder of scientific computing, Bert after Albert Einstein, Dot after Doris Lessing, writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Sim after Sim Wong Hoo, the chief executive of Creative Technology, first manufacturer of PC sound cards and Ludo after the strategy game Pachisi, played by the Mughal Emperors of India and brought to Britain as the game Ludo.
Rajnath, in the meantime, compared himself to the legendary king Vikramaditya of Ujjain, who is known not just for his valour and generosity but also as the protagonist of the epical tales of Baital Pachisi ( twenty- five tales of the phantom).
5.2.9 refers to chess, pachisi, or some other game (M.
It was first recorded in India in the 17th Century and was called Pachisi. It was brought to Britain in the 1860s where manufacturers produced the simplified version of ludo.