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a Japanese pinball game played on a vertical board

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For Pachinko, she spun the globe around, taking readers to the Korean Peninsula and its onetime colonial master, Japan.
The Group aims to capture a greater share of the pachinko industry by actively pursuing expansion opportunities through establishing new or acquiring pachinko halls in desirable locations as consolidation opportunities arise.
But here's a secret: Lee almost abandoned Pachinko after the first draft.
This is the first listing of a pachinko operator in the world," the company's president, Yoji Sato, told reporters after the stock started trading.
The firm will be the 1st pachinko parlor operator to go public in either overseas or domestically.
The company, the second-largest pachinko operator in Japan, filed its application to list on the Hong Kong bourse in January, according to financial sources.
The company has employed its business strategy of maintaining an appropriate level of earnings by fully analysing customers attributes and controlling cost rates, while sales growth has slowed because of lower sales per pachinko machine.
Arsonist attacked Osaka pachinko parlor for no apparent reason
The drop in profit was a result of weak Sankyo brand pachinko machine sales as well as delays in launching the Bisty brand pachinko title Evangelion.
Another is to launch a pic production company with Fields, a major maker of machines for pachinko and pachisuro (pachi slot)--hugely popular gambling games resembling pinball.
The producer of pachinko machines and promoter of sports events nominated the colt, and a number of his other purchases, to this year's Derby.
Sega Sammy attributed the sale and pretax profit drops to a slowdown in the growth of earnings from amusement facilities and to falls in the popularity of certain games, which outweighed the effects of an expansion in the sales of game machines combining the features of pachinko pinball and slot machines.
We pick it up everywhere, we send it through space, we get it up there--like a pachinko machine--through our satellite network, and back down to the ground station.
The animation itself was also nowhere to be found, and was instead oddly reduced to the theme of a group of pachinko machines in the lobby of the Japan Society.
One of these is to monitor machine tampering in pachinko (Japanese pinball) parlors.