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a Japanese pinball game played on a vertical board

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One of the few jobs open to Koreans is work at pachinko parlors, which both Sunja's sons take up in very different ways to very different outcomes.
Founded in 1950, NIRAKU GC HOLDINGS, INC.1 was the fourth largest pachinko hall operator in Japan in terms of gross revenue in 2013, according to Entertainment Business Institute.
For Pachinko, she spun the globe around, taking readers to the Korean Peninsula and its onetime colonial master, Japan.
But here's a secret: Lee almost abandoned Pachinko after the first draft.
HONG KONG - Dynam Japan Holdings Co., Japan's second-largest pachinko parlor operator, on Monday started trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange.
Yoji Sato, president of Dynam Japan Holdings Co., a major pachinko parlor operator in Japan, has expressed hope that the company's application for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will be approved, saying going public in Hong Kong would enhance "the trust and status" of the pinball industry.
TOKYO - Amusement facilities and pachinko parlor operator Sega Sammy Holdings Inc.
The New Roadrunner platform is the foundation for AGS to provide our customers with a dynamic product path with entertaining and feature rich game experiences including exciting new top boxes that incorporate wheels, pachinko, and other creative features.
TOKYO, June 6 Kyodo - A man in his 40s who runs a business recycling pachinko pinball machines in Gunma Prefecture has failed to declare about 550 million yen in income from exporting parts of the machines to China, sources familiar with the matter said Sunday.
Towa Sangyo and its group companies operate 23 pachinko parlors in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama prefectures.
Arsonist attacked Osaka pachinko parlor for no apparent reason
The drop in profit was a result of weak Sankyo brand pachinko machine sales as well as delays in launching the Bisty brand pachinko title Evangelion.
Another is to launch a pic production company with Fields, a major maker of machines for pachinko and pachisuro (pachi slot)--hugely popular gambling games resembling pinball.
The producer of pachinko machines and promoter of sports events nominated the colt, and a number of his other purchases, to this year's Derby.
Sega Sammy attributed the sale and pretax profit drops to a slowdown in the growth of earnings from amusement facilities and to falls in the popularity of certain games, which outweighed the effects of an expansion in the sales of game machines combining the features of pachinko pinball and slot machines.