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large burrowing rodent of South America and Central America

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Owing to its broad distribution, the paca has many other common names.
On 22 May 2009, hunters killed a paca at El Mante, a municipality in southeastern Tamaulipas (22[degrees]42'25"N, 099[degrees]01'60"W, 93 m; Fig.
She required uniforms--color-coded by grade level so she and other Paca staff could tell where the students belonged--as well as a change in teacher attitudes.
The Japanese, Yukiya Kawaguchi, of the Setagaya Art Museum in Tokyo, who had been following the gradual rise to limelight of African art in the Asian nation, gave several talks first at the Enugu event and afterwards at the Nigerian National Theatre complex in Lagos where PACA moved the second segment of the festivities.
En el asesinato de Ruiz Massieu, la perfida Paca se apodero de la voluntad del ejecutor material, pero logro que este y sus complices, tambien bajo su malefica influencia, acusaran a Raul Salinas de Gortari de ser el autor intelectual del crimen.
administrator of the Agricultural Marketing Service of the Department of Agriculture, said the department is studying PACA with a view toward reform, including a possible reduction in fees charged to retailers.
PACA Chairman hopes that the preferred company will complete the necessary requirements and procedures soon and start actual operation in 2017.
PACA also helps Pakhtoon students in Pakistan with regard to providing them information about school and colleges in America, he informed.
During the meeting, Al-Ghanim discussed with the PACA delegation the Authority's general strategy regarding completion of its administrative staff, as well as training them in accordance with best standards and expertise in the anti-corruption field.
recently ruled that a produce seller had waived PACA protection by entering into a written agreement with its buyer that extended the buyer's payment obligation beyond PACA's maximum 30-day period.
The letter, signed by 17 trade groups, including the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association and the National Potato Council, as well as United, said, "We are greatly alarmed by the attack being launched against the PACA.
The current program will consist of a comprehensive program of geological mapping, surface and underground sampling and diamond drilling to confirm historical work and results of more recent exploration by Apex Silver (see below) and to define mineral resources at both Pulacayo and Paca.
Contract notice: cleaning services for the stations, stops, premises, offices and railcars of the rrt paca