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Synonyms for pabulum

Synonyms for pabulum

any substance that can be used as food

insipid intellectual nourishment

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Yet this is the traditionally recommended intellectual pabulum we give to young children.
Therefore, food as meditation, becomes a literal pabulum or "food for thought.
Pabulum is in the dictionary and is described as a "solution of nutrients in a state suitable for absorption" which sounds to be vaguely in the right gastronomic area.
Michael Fry begins his book by emphasising that he has 'cast his net wider than is usual in Scottish historiography' by putting 'the nation's culture, indeed high culture, on a par with mechanised agriculture, steel production, housing problems and other such matters that form the normal pabulum for academic historians of Scotland'.
To have a newspaper editor publicly dismiss the inspired work of his hard-working colleagues across the country as pabulum was disappointing but not disheartening.
Yet every quarter, just days before and in some cases only hours before their board meeting, directors receive a several-inch-thick agenda book, which is half pabulum and self-congratulation of the senior management team and half financial-related statements that no conscientious director could quickly absorb on his own.
That may be true, but the forward-looking adviser does not accept such pabulum.
Rand's writing spawned an entire generation that reveled in the rationalization of selfishness and self-centeredness; a generation who then pulled her atheistic pabulum from a waste bin of bad fiction (where it rightfully belongs) to the White House.
At some point you look at a totally formulaic movie, made as cinematic pabulum for a totally undiscriminating audience, and the thought that any industry relying on such fluff for its bread and butter must be on the verge of implosion doesn't seem so far-fetched after all.
We're chopped liver, apparently, gawking at newscasters peddling pabulum off censored teleprompts.
Indifferent to the pabulum of patriotism and uncaring about either money or the future, the narrator agrees out of sheer curiosity.
Instead of narrative specificity and individual lives, he offered cheap political pabulum for the masses.
There is little relevancy for readers when newspapers continue to feed them pabulum.
At any moment, my heart a bowl of pabulum, stirred or eaten.
Girls are raised with more naA[macron]vete, and they're fed pabulum, as opposed to boys who learn Talmud," said Katle Kanye, a popular Hasidic writer in Yiddish, who sees the community's definitions of worthy and unworthy intellectual activities as giving girls a decided edge when it comes to literary pursuits.