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Synonyms for pabulum

Synonyms for pabulum

any substance that can be used as food

insipid intellectual nourishment

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They divest the form of power and turn it into something comparable to their speeches: bland pabulum for the credulous masses.
There's also a particularly good chapter on the poisoned pabulum that press and politicians feed us on "the character issue" nowadays; in it Chait recounts the Washington establishment's treatment of Clinton's, Gore's, and Kerry's character "flaws"--and its reluctance to hammer at similar or greater flaws among candidates on the right, thereby allowing the right's own proto-hagiography to pass as one side of a "balanced" analysis.
In one of his many bleak accounts on the role of popular music within the culture industry, the German philosopher lambasted what he called '30s music's "fetish character": the reified nature of its easily assimilated melodies; its propensity to subsume listeners in a wash of aural pabulum; and its facilitation of a new mode of listening, described by Adorno as "regressive." Poledna's work corresponds well with this critique.
Lensed in Germany's Thuringia region in 2000 and given a Teuton release the next year, this adult fairy-tale pabulum is entirely German-financed although conceived (by screenwriter Ben Taylor, adapting his novel) in English.
While avoiding trendy New Age affirmations and self-help pabulum, Stowe lovingly insists that we roll up our sleeves and submerge our arms in our own socially given beliefs and dearly held concepts, then hold up what we discover to the light for scrutiny.
And Powell is not above sheer pabulum, like his declaration, typical of many in the book: "I treasure my family's British roots, but I love our America, land of opportunity."
In practice, say the ABOR's opponents, this pabulum could cripple academics' and universities' ability to teach.
Marx and Lopez have a clear gift for light pop melodies that closely hug their easy-rhyme lyrics, but a few too many tunes sound like TV theme songs, or actual outtakes from a Muppet movie--the off-kilter words can't always keep them from sounding like musical pabulum. And the show's wide-eyed tone eventually begins to pall--more quickly for some than others, naturally.
Boots (lyricist) and Pam (turntablist) are burning down the MTV plantation of hip-hop pabulum. Their first record, Kill My Landlord (1993), is legendary.
For social activists, the analysis of unconscious motives for wanting to improve the world has frequently transformed zeal into pabulum. Consider reformer Jerry Rubin, who, following his opposition to the Vietnam war, "experienced est, gestalt therapy, bioenergetics, rolling, massage., jogging, health foods, tai chi, Esalen, hypnotism, modern dance, meditation, Silva Mind Control, Arica, acupuncture, sex therapy, Reichian therapy, and More House-a smorgasbord course in New Consciousness." A parallel phenomenon can also be seen in thousands of other young, socially conscious potential reformers who, once they begin Freudian-inspired psychotherapy, embark on an endless rotation around their psychic navels and disappear forever from the political scene., Potato Hill, Compas, Cave Canem, and no doubt others, perhaps many, have the goal of pushing dull pabulum poetry electronically into the nation's schools.
Paxson formed the Spectrum Clearing Alliance, a consortium of broadcasters Coonce's companies included--that own stations on UHF channels 60 to 69, a boob-tube Siberia populated by televangelists, shop-at-home outlets, and Pax TV's family-friendly pabulum (such as Doc, starring mullet-sporting Nashville washout Billy Ray Cyrus).
There is an aggressive superficiality in Diamond's work, an anger directed at the mindless soundbite, at the pabulum dished out by pop psychologists, television preachers, and talk show hosts.
But Goldwater, a retired Air Force Reserves general, laid out enough patriotic pabulum to win over even the service loyalists.