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socially correct behavior

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We mind our P's and Q's, give up our seats on buses and wait our turn in line.
Now without wishing to dream of condoning bad language, it sets an interesting precedent if the authorities are going to start turfing people out who don't mind their p's and q's.
If Q's estate is not allowed relief from the two estate taxes otherwise paid (by P's and Q's estates), the value of the inherited property would be greatly reduced by Federal estate taxes.
Watch your P's and Q's. Always have a witness in the room to avoid future complaints about what might have transpired.
They are 18 year old Shipston-on-Stour rider Emma Sewell, who rides Ginger Fizz and Claire Gregson, who partners P's and Q's.
My guess is that by the time newcomers to the city reach the Four Corners in Sudbury they are getting the feeling they better watch their p's and q's in this town or there is going to be trouble.
Mind your p's and q's as well as your I's and t's and r's and a's.
Considering the recent testimony of Condoleezza Rice before the 9/11 commission, we have to ask if we've perhaps forgotten our P's and Q's. Or rather, their P's and Q's.