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WILLARD'S SUNDAY OYSTER STEW People have enjoyed oysters for thousands of years.
AMUSE Smoked octopus Preserved lemon, oregano, feta ENTREE "Ocean Wise" Bouillabaisse Tomato consomme, fennel, local sustainable seafood Blue Swimmer Crab Salad Frisse, mango salsa, macadamia nut oil Preserved Wild Australian Salmon Warm potato salad, cabbage, double smoked eel MAIN COURSE Panko and Sesame Seed Crusted King George Whiting Radish, soba noodle, dashi broth, smoked sea salt Lapsan Souchong Tea Cured Flathead Leek and oyster stew, spinach, smoked sea salt Pan SearedYellow Eyed Mullet Vegetable ratatouille, evoo, eggplant caviar, crispy citrus sauce Wild caught Yellow-tailed Kingfish replaced the mullet dish on one evening.
Meals in the Cascade Dining Room ($$$; 503/622-0700) feature seasonal Northwest cuisine such as truffled oyster stew and bison rib-eye steak.
The best offerings here were an oyster stew special and a savory starter of file gumbo with andouille sausage and rabbit.
Clear, detailed directions will encourage readers to prepare: Striped Bass with Oyster Stew, New Orleans Red Bean Soup with Andouille and Rice, Our Thanksgiving Turkey with 140 Cloves of Garlic, School Kids' Flounder with Fish Camp Beurre Blanc, Slow-Cooked Southern Greens, Angel Biscuits, Chocolate Peanut Praline Tart, Deep-Dish Apple Cinnamon Crisp with Brandied Vanilla Ice Cream, and Watermelon Granita.
With appetizers like Thai mussels, fried oysters, New England steamer clams and oyster stew, preceding generous entrees, who needs dessert?
Imagine your wife cooking oyster stew upstairs and the tendrils of the fragrance filling your store below.
The firm produced sugar sifters, strawberry forks, bread forks, cucumber servers, dessert forks, breakfast forks and knives, ladles for punch, oyster stew or bouillon.
Florida offers many flavors of soup, including oyster stew, Greek lemon soup and grouper or fish chowder.
Yes, gameshows have come a long way since the days when players were lavished with a year's supply of Eskimo Pies or 10 cases of Turtle Wax--or perhaps that lifetime cache of Hilton's Oyster Stew in the can.
These features, combined with dog sledding in Garrett County, a look inside the home of CNN's Kelli Arena in Anne Arundel County, dinner theatre in Howard County, and Oyster Stew in Queen Anne's County make it yet another can't miss issue that spans the state.
Mo's clam chowder, now served in the restaurant's six locations, might have put the institution on the map, but its oyster stew connects it concretely to the place--the oyster beds just around the point inside Yaquina Bay Bridge, in one of the cleanest estuaries on the coast.
The restaurant closed earlier this year, but the name lives on in the five varieties of canned Bookbinder's bisques and New England clam chowder, Manhattan clam chowder, snapper soup, and oyster stew.