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a workplace where oysters are bred and grown

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This study examines a 2-y experiment on an intertidal estuarine mudflat that assessed how oyster bed thickness and shell deployment method on constructed oyster beds affected larval oyster spatfall, recruitment, adult oyster density, and coverage of oyster bed material (shell cover) in Newport Bay, CA.
Tralee Bay, which is home to one of Europe's few remaining native oyster beds, has become a last refuge for the sea creatures, sharks and other rare fish which are in real danger of becoming extinct.
The project also includes three oyster beds in the northern territorial waters of Bahrain, namely Hayr Bu-Lthama, Hayr Bu am'amah and Hayr Shtayyah.
FISH health inspectors have launched an investigation into how a deadly disease struck at an harvested natural oyster bed at Burton Beach, River Cleddau, in south west Wales.
As an example, the oysters on the centuries-old Las Cabeceras pearl oyster bed near Cubagua Island rest on a base of sand rather than a deep base of empty pearl oyster shells.
* Sewage directly discharged from municipal treatment plants or dumped overboard by oyster harvesters, recreational vessels, and oil rigs has resulted in oyster bed contamination.
Factors that supported the programs were (1) a strong market that was accompanied by rising prices for oysters; (2) on PEI, public money was available to fund the effort; (3) oystermen did not need to modify any of their procedures; (4) no damage occurred on oyster bed environments; (5) I kept the primary goal (more oysters in each tong grab) in the forefront to aid in warding off challenges to our management direction; and (6) I was prepared to handle the actions that needed to be done by not limiting my scope.
BRITISH fish health inspectors have launched an investigation into how a deadly disease struck at an harvested natural oyster bed at Burton Beach, River Cleddau, in south west Wales.
Jonelle Damask oyster bed linen has an elaborate pattern in white and gold on an oyster background.
The findings of the investigation of that outbreak suggested that one ill harvester could contaminate large quantities of oysters in a relatively large oyster bed (6).
After marking off a sixty-by-one hundred-foot area of the bay with plastic buoys, the Somerset begins the graceful and almost extinct ritual of circling the oyster bed. "Sail day is a lot of work," comments Benton Sr.
29 (BNA): Below are some headlines from Bahrain's newspapers on local events: // Bahrain committed to global human rights laws // Bahrain, UNDP sign cooperation pact // Bahrain unveils first solar home // NHRA submits 2017 report // Parliamentary delegation heads for Moscow // Call to Qatar to respect international law // Social media misuse warning // Key road projects begin // Eight jailed for arson attack on policemen // Retrial appeal for death row inmates // Expo marks Theatre Day // Oyster bed sustainability push // Lebanese superstar to perform live at Bahrain Bay I.Y BNA 0505 GMT 2018/03/29
A walk through the museum greets visitors with a very old chart of shallow Gulf waters off Dubai marking each and every oyster bed known to pearl divers and traders in the pearl's heyday.
A comprehensive review of historical literature was undertaken from which references to oyster bed locations, harvest, cultivation, and exports were extracted.