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a nonmetallic bivalent element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless nonflammable diatomic gas

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Critical oxygen tensions, taken as the point at which animals could no longer maintain [?
Oxygen tension falls most in subjects with the highest initial PaO2.
Continuous urine oxygen tension monitoring in patients undergoing cardiac surgery.
The effect of oxygen tension on porcine embryonic development is dependent on embryo type.
The effect of oxygen tension on the in vitro assay of human osteoblastic connective tissue progenitor cells.
Arterial oxygen tension and saturation in hospital patients: effect of age and activity.
To address these requirements, Argonne National Laboratory has exploited the physiology of the Rhodobacter species of photosynthetic bacteria, which produce large quantities of internal membranes under certain growth conditions in response to changes in light intensity and/or oxygen tension.
The quality of the cartilage thus formed can be improved considerably by growing the MSCs under very low oxygen tension.
Chronic hypoxia, a common link of many diseases, induces adaptations in the tissue geometry, for example the human fetus develops oxygen tension values equal to the altitude of Mount Everest (Pa[O.
13) In the early 1990s, an increased incidence of severe ROP was shown in premature infants in the first several weeks of life with a transcutaneous oxygen tension (tcP[O.
The unique climatic conditions derive mainly from its location and include: the highest barometric pressure in the world, leading also to increased oxygen tension, low relative humidity, high temperatures, low rainfall, reduced radiation with an high UVA/UVB ratio, low pollen and high bromide atmosphere.
The precise mechanism of priapism in patients with SCD remains unclear, it is assumed that a normal erection decreases oxygen tension in the corpora cavernosa, predisposing to erythrocyte sickling (17).
Myocardial depression is a consequence due to the reduced arterial oxygen tension in parallel with decrease in cardiac functional reserve.
Patient had an arterial oxygen tension (PaO2) / FiO2 ratio less than 60 despite optimum ventilator settings during at least 16 hours (Table).
A more rapid fall in arterial oxygen tension reduces the time for the anaesthetist to achieve adequate airway access and ventilation prior to oxygen desaturation.