oxygen deficit

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temporary oxygen shortage in cells resulting from strenuous exercise

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The degree of the billfish's oxygen deficit depends on the length of the fight, the number of jumps, whether the fish was tangled in the leader and other factors, Prince said.
A recent study showed that the ratio between veno-arterial carbon dioxide difference and arterial-venous oxygen difference (P(v−a)CO [sub]2 /C(a−v)O [sub]2 ) is a hallmark of oxygen deficit caused by acute circulatory failure.
6] dissolved oxygen deficit simple indicators of watersheds pollution.
Examining the accumulated oxygen deficit method in front crawl swimming.
The measurement of oxygen deficits, which is reflected in the onset and severity of lactic acidosis, has had wide application in exercise physiology.
The oxygen deficit is quite modest when desaturation is caused by a shunt.
A traditional method of estimating the anaerobic capacity of men is to measure oxygen deficit levels (Volkov et al.
Lowering the body's metabolic rate prior to such procedures might protect those tissues during an oxygen deficit.
I submit that rather than simply developing an oxygen deficit as a
According to the study by a team of Belfast researchers, some 54% of all passengers suffer a 6% oxygen deficit at maximum altitude, regardless of whether they are on long or short-haul flights.
A large hydroelectric impoundment known as Gulf Island Pond has had a dissolved oxygen deficit since it was built in the 1930s, and the mills contributed to build an innovative oxygenation system that has improved water quality.
1991), suggesting that an oxygen deficit in this region may be a risk factor for the development of alcoholic liver disease.
InStreem maintains an oxygen deficit condition in the lagoon and does not overaerate, while still allowing nutrient reduction to take place and bacteria to work on reducing the manure sediments.
The 8 in (20 cm) long, torpedo-shaped species of Periophthalmus in fact live in waters that show a regular oxygen deficit.