oxygen deficit

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temporary oxygen shortage in cells resulting from strenuous exercise

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The company added that freedivers place themselves in extreme conditions, which push the outer limits of human lung physiology and can lead to high oxygen deficit.
For clusters with ODC(I), the nature of the 7.6 eV absorption band can be explained as a manifestation of the localized states of the disordered structure of silica modified by an oxygen deficit. However, for clusters with ODC(II), the nature of the 5.0 eV absorption band can be ascribed to a single electron promotion from the Si lone pair sp orbital to a vacant [p.sub.[pi]] orbital on the same atom.
The degree of the billfish's oxygen deficit depends on the length of the fight, the number of jumps, whether the fish was tangled in the leader and other factors, Prince said.
The possible cause is that the condition of patients with severe OSAHS was complex and was affected by many factors, such as influences on the nervous and endocrine system due to stenosis of airways, obstruction, obesity, and oxygen deficit.
A recent study showed that the ratio between veno-arterial carbon dioxide difference and arterial-venous oxygen difference (P(v−a)CO [sub]2 /C(a−v)O [sub]2 ) is a hallmark of oxygen deficit caused by acute circulatory failure.
Use of the water quality index and dissolved oxygen deficit as simple in -dicators of watersheds pollution.
Furthermore, previous studies have observed that the maximal accumulated oxygen deficit (AOD; an index of anaerobic capacity) of females has been approximately 10-30% less with similar background [26, 27].
Oxygen deficit grows new blood vessels and this acts as a kind of fertiliser for cancer cells and tumours.
Crucial to the understanding of oxygen delivery during resuscitation are the concepts of oxygen deficit and oxygen debt.
Hence, the oxygen debt must be larger than the oxygen deficit, i.e., the post-exercise V[O.sub.2] quantitatively did not match the [O.sub.2] deficit (Yano et al., 2007).
(1966): Changes in the oxygen deficit of Lake Washington, Ver.
The oxygen deficit is quite modest when desaturation is caused by a shunt.
A traditional method of estimating the anaerobic capacity of men is to measure oxygen deficit levels (Volkov et al., 1975).
Lowering the body's metabolic rate prior to such procedures might protect those tissues during an oxygen deficit.