oxygen deficit

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temporary oxygen shortage in cells resulting from strenuous exercise

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6] dissolved oxygen deficit simple indicators of watersheds pollution.
Examining the accumulated oxygen deficit method in front crawl swimming.
The measurement of oxygen deficits, which is reflected in the onset and severity of lactic acidosis, has had wide application in exercise physiology.
High intensity exercise conditioning increases accumulated oxygen deficit of horses.
about oxygen deficit versus oxygen debt; about recovery oxygen uptake or
repayment of any oxygen deficit incurred during major surgery.
1991), suggesting that an oxygen deficit in this region may be a risk factor for the development of alcoholic liver disease.
InStreem maintains an oxygen deficit condition in the lagoon and does not overaerate, while still allowing nutrient reduction to take place and bacteria to work on reducing the manure sediments.
This phenomenon is known as oxygen deficit, during which both the ATP/PCr and anaerobic glycolysis energy systems contribute ATP.
There is evidence that this process is accompanied by a decrease in accumulated oxygen deficit, and in the rate of lactate and carbon dioxide production during intense exertion, additional reasons for expecting improved performance.
In about 25 percent of climbers, the oxygen deficit results in acute mountain sickness (AMS).
When the hog-tied position prevents recovery from such an oxygen deficit, cardiac rhythm disturbances can occur, resulting in death.
This allows the blood to carry more oxygen and deliver to tissues, glands, cells, organs, brain and all fluids of the body with an oxygen deficit.
This insidious fellow doesn't actually create a large blockage; rather, it's a soft, "foamy" plaque that under certain situations (we don't know which situations) rapidly evolves and abruptly closes off the involved artery, creating a downstream oxygen deficit, followed by angina, then ischemia.