oxygen debt

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a cumulative deficit of oxygen resulting from intense exercise

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Lactic acidosis is an indicator of oxygen debt and is of 2 types.
It is important, therefore, to find reliable indices to predict when an increase in DO [sub]2 will reduce the oxygen debt, reflected by an increase in VO [sub]2 .
V[O.sub.2] and [O.sub.2debt], The oxygen debt estimation showed a flat trend both in tests carried out at 80% and 120% of the VT2 speed (Figure 2 right panels).
We investigated the acute dose response characteristics of a low concentration (6.5 g/dL) of highly purified PBH solution (OC99; New A Innovation Ltd., Kowloon, Hong Kong) on systemic and pulmonary arterial blood pressures, tissue oxygenation, and the metabolic correlates of oxygen debt in an experimental model of controlled hemorrhagic shock in dogs.
Anaerobic metabolism causes oxygen debt growth and lactic acid production keeping high heart rate values (2), (3).
4) correspond to data from voluntary muscle, where variations in blood volume or increased oxygen consumption resulting in oxygen debt are generated experimentally.[sup.1]-[sup.3,18,19]
Between 60% and 70% MHR, the same individual would be consuming so much glucose that their metabolism will fall dearly in their "red zone" resulting in a large oxygen debt.
Against a tough opponent, the final minutes of a match would be characterized by severe pain in the lungs and chest, fear of losing, embarrassment from looking bad, nausea from oxygen debt, and an occasional time-out to vomit into a bucket that was always waiting for me at the edge of the mat.
Crucial to the understanding of oxygen delivery during resuscitation are the concepts of oxygen deficit and oxygen debt. (6) The former reflects the discrepancy in oxygen delivery at any single point in time, whereas the latter describes the total amount that is required to be repaid before resuscitation is complete.
Role of oxygen debt in the development of organ failure, sepsis and death in high-risk surgical patients.
Post exercise oxygen consumption has been termed EPOC and is caused by oxygen debt from exercise (17).
"oxygen debt" which must be re-paid by regenerating these