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The XPS analysis confirmed that the mechanical impact resulted in phosphorus-containing groups on the surface of the cured phosphorus-containing epoxy resin thermally decomposed to form the phosphoric oxyacid. It covered over the surface of the specimen to prevent the reaction of the specimen with the liquid oxygen which was in accordance with the mechanism that organo-phosphorus compounds could work in the condensed phase to inhibit the combustion.
The tetrahedral Ag[O.sub.4] is heavily distorted to have a dipole moment of 2.2 D (D = debye), which should be closely attributed to a specific nonmetal salt of the oxyacid structure of [Ag.sub.3]P[O.sub.4].
In this study, alanine, aspartate, and pyruvate content in the blood of the model group rats decreased, and the pyruvate content in the liver homogenate of the model group rats decreased as compared to the control group rats; these changes indicated that the glycogenic oxyacids were converted to carbohydrates.
They cover absolute and relative pKa calculations, quantitative structure-acidity methods, oxyacids and related compounds, nitrogen acids, additional types of acids, acidities in nonaqueous solvents, and additional factors influencing acidity and basicity.
Frequently 'oxyacids' such as acetic or boric are added to get an optimised type of roughness.