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a soup made from the skinned tail of an ox

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The menu will include German potato soup with beef sausages, Oxtail soup, crispy veal knuckle, Rheinischer Sauerbraten (braised piece of marinated beef) and a live cooking station for the traditional Wiener Schnitzel.
A Rojak or oxtail soup index lacks the universality, as such cuisine may not be available or in demand outside of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
So, while you could be tucking into Honey glazed duck breast served with red currant gastrique and creamed potatoes one day, it might be a Pan fried escalope of milk-fed turkey with a cinnamon and raisin sauce the next day; a Spring panzanella could be followed by an oxtail soup; you could choose between a Beef wellington served with tarragon jus, or a Thai vegetable stir-fry; and a Baingan (aubergine) masala could compete for your attention with a Mattar paneer (Peas and cottage cheese curry).
Honestly, squint your eyes the next time he's on and you'll swear it he's nodded off to sleep in the catering truck during in between filming and accidentally dunked his jaw in a bowl of oxtail soup.
Journalists inform readers it's colder than Reykjavik, warn that pensioners may freeze to death unless force-fed Oxtail soup by neighbours, chronicle school closures and pen gushing prose about the heroic work of those manning gritting lorries.
My wife Collette tried a vegetable soup for PS4.95, while I went all meaty with something I hadn't had for years - oxtail soup (PS5), a winning blend of textures and rich, barley-infused flavours.
If it was open, Dad would buy me some Oxtail soup and occasionally a pork pie.
Menu: First course: Maryland crab cake with smoked chili remoulade; second course: oxtail soup; third course: artisan crafted pasta with wild boar ragu; fourth course: certified Angus boneless beef rib eye steak, served with roasted fingerling potatoes and grilled asparagus.
And refused oxtail soup on the grounds she "couldn't eat someone's tail".
A four-day county game is all about cosy cups of tea and oxtail soup in Thermos flasks while at Test matches patience is a virtue.
Any high-profile person kept in the cooler even for a day develops overnight health complications that necessitate instant hospitalisation, where they can pick their choice meals, with oxtail soup starters and fruit and ice-cream for deserts.
Though the events of his trip are seemingly of little note--a watery bowl of oxtail soup is consumed, a bus is ridden, a beer is drunk--the painful memories that the city summons differ as radically from a humdrum Sunday in the English Midlands as Johnson's fractured and fortuitous work differs from a usual book.
In the winter months farm smells steamed around overcoated infants as they ate their sandwiches and sipped their warm oxtail soup. In those days health and safety was not as all-pervading and as intrusive as it is today, but the first visit from the safety officer revealed even under the weight of tiny infants the 'classroom' floor was in danger of collapse!
* CHECK IN The elaborate breakfast (included!) is nearly as good as chef Jensen Lorenzen's seasonally inspired dinner (if it's on the evening menu, the oxtail soup is a must).
Meat: Chicken Fettuccine, 91/2:92; Oxtail Soup, 91/2:90; Chicken with Pomegranate Stuffing, 91/1:73; Chicken in Pomegranate Juice, 91/1:74; Beer Deer (or Beef) Roast, 91/6:82; Christmas Goose (or Thanksgiving Turkey), 91/6:82; Pork Roast Dinner, 91/6:83; Dove, 91/6:84