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a measuring instrument that measures the oxygen in arterial blood

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The principle of the pulse oximeter can be explained by modified Beer-Lambert law [2, 9, 10], where, I ([lambda]) is detected light intensity, [I.sub.o]([lambda]) is the incident light intensity, [epsilon]([lambda]) is a molar absorption coefficient, C is the molar concentration, [bar.l]([lambda]) is them mean path length, and G([lambda]) is appropriate factors that account for the measurement geometry.
Search terms included the following: portable pulse oximeters, MD 300, pulse oximeter accuracy, noninvasive pulse oximetry, noninvasive oxygen saturation, and peripheral oxygen saturation.
And for those who want to use their pulse oximeter to evaluate another physiologic dimension, MightySat is the only fingertip pulse oximeter available with the optional Pleth Variability Index (PVI(R)), a measure of the dynamic changes in the PI that occur during one or more complete respiratory cycles.(2)
Covidien also offers training in pulse oximetry technology through its new Professional Affairs and Clinical Education Online Platform to support the safe and effective use of motion-tolerant pulse oximeters.
Pulse oximeter does not show correct reading in conditions like--low cardiac output, anemia, C[O.sub.2] retention (7).
We assumed that if we put the oximeter on and used the upper alarm limits to keep the saturations from going too high, we could ensure that the patients did not have Pa02 > 90 mmHg.
She took photos of her patients, including the photo of the smiling girl with a pulse oximeter, a preoperative patient about to undergo a ventricular septal defect repair, and a six-year-old girl who underwent reconstruction of her left pulmonary artery, pictured with a healthcare provider.
Hyperventilation does not cause a "falsely high pulse oximeter reading."
The money will be used to buy a pulse oximeter - a vital piece of equipment which measures oxygen levels in the blood.
Breathe Easy Newcastle raised pounds 3,000 to buy modern oximeter machines for the Royal Victoria Infirmary, in Newcastle.
This is the case with the pulse oximeter, a handy clinical device introduced in the late 1980s that facilitates rapid assessment of oxygenation status of a patient without have to break the skin and/or analyze whole blood.
One such product is the pulse oximeter. Pulse oximetry is used in a broad range of environments, including intensive care, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and even veterinary medicine.
A pulse oximeter is a two-wavelength photometer that determines arterial S[O.sub.2] by measuring light absorption in a piece of well-perfused tissue.
The system comprises the new Nellcor N-595 Pulse Oximeter and the new line of intelligent, interactive OxiMax sensors, including the MAX-FAST(tm) Adhesive Forehead Sensor, which detects changes in SpO2 significantly faster than digit sensors for patients with poor pulse perfusion.