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a reversible chemical reaction in which one reaction is an oxidation and the reverse is a reduction

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A membraneless fuel cell is a device that does not contain membrane, and it converts chemical energy from a fuel and an oxidant into electric energy, by means of oxidoreduction reactions.
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The Pt 4-electrode sensors were used for measuring conductivity and redox potential (ORP) and finally Au amperometric sensors were used for measuring oxidoreduction currents at several potentials.
The high components of vivacious alkali metals and alkaline-earth metals such as K, Na, Ca, and Mg demonstrate the low degree of the weathering leaching and chemical weathering and that this soil can be further weathered when the climate, aqueous medium, and oxidoreduction environment are different.
Pena, "[Ce.sup.3+] [left right arrow] [Ce.sup.4+] conversion in ceria-doped zirconia single crystals induced by oxidoreduction treatments," Solid State Ionics, vol.
Isotope exchange and reversible oxidoreduction of cytochrome [c.sub.3].
The system comprises an electrolytic tank, which generates easily decomposed intermediates by forming hypochlorous acids through the addition of salt and oxidizing organic substances, and a catalytic tank, which gasifies and decomposes the intermediates and surplus hypochlorous acids by means of oxidoreduction reactions.
The oxidoreductase, 17[[beta]-HSD, is known to catalyse oxidoreduction of estradiol 17[beta] and estrone, thus participating in the biosynthesis of steroid hormones (21,22).
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