oxidizing agent

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a substance that oxidizes another substance

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In the present communication we would like to report thereof p-chloranil as alternative oxidizing agent which might be used to avoid decomposition under microwave heating conditions.
The Boston researchers also tested strawberries and all the vegetables against two other oxidizing agents generated via normal metabolism - the hydroxyl radical and copper ions.
This oxidation potential depends upon the nature of the oxidizing agent and the solvent used, and also upon their concentrations.
This reaction system produces a high concentration of hydroxyl radicals in an aqueous suspension, which serves as the oxidizing agent. The reaction takes place at room temperature, with no other oxidizers necessary.
Air is commonly used as the oxidizing agent. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide dilute the producer gas and limit its heating value to 110 to 120 Btu/scf compared to 1,000 Btu/scf for natural gas.
Primary functions of magnesium nitrate hexahydrate as oxidizing agent and dehydrating agent will continue to lead the market, in terms of both value and volume.
8,758,453 B2; Kao Germany GmbH, Darmstadt, has patented a process for treating hair in which hair is dyed with a composition comprising one or more hair dyes and at least one oxidizing agent. The composition is obtained by mixing two compositions prior to application onto hair.
Different CO3-2 containing soluble salts were tested as complexing agent of the UO+2 ions along with H2O2 as oxidizing agent. The lixiviant system, comprising NH4HCO3 as complexing agent along with H2O2 as oxidizing agent in concentrations of 5 g/L and 0.5 g/L respectively, was found to be the most efficient for the leaching of uranium among the 25 different compositions employed.
In fact, we took advantage of potassium persulfate as the oxidizing agent to bypass the need for acids or inorganic solvents.
The oxidizing agent in this case is usually a transition metal such as iron, copper, or cobalt.
and immobilize them within mesoporous Al-MCM-41.Then, she investigated catalytic behaviors of the synthesized compounds in oxidation of cyclohexane by hydrogen peroxide (a powerful oxidizing agent)."Among all the synthesized catalysts, [Fe(bpy)2Cl2]+/Al-MCM-41 and Fe(III)/Al-MCM-41 provided the best and the worst efficiency values of 60% and 3% respectively," Poorkhosravani reiterated.She continued saying that in optimal conditions (in terms of duration and amount of catalyst), the catalyst [Fe(bpy)2Cl2]+/Al-MCM-41 is able to convert cyclohexane to cyclohexanone plus cyclohexanol directly with an efficiency of 76%.
Composition A is an acidic composition having a pH between 2 and 5 and comprising at least one oxidizing agent. Composition B is an alkaline composition having a pH between 8 and 12 and comprises one or more oxidative dye precursors, optionally one or more coupling agents and optionally one or more direct dyes.