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a substance that oxidizes another substance

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The distance between the shell element for the flange of the center body and the shell element for the flange of the oxidizer tank (or for the flange of a fuel tank) is modeled as 0.005 m (see Figure 10).
6, were prepared as function of the used method and oxidizer. The response surface of Edp (Fig.
for the fuel and for the oxidizer sides, respectively (this result can be obtained by reshaping (3.35) from [17] or (6.32) from [2]).
The pressure during growth was 1 Pa, at 12 sccm Ar flow and 2 sccm oxidizer flow.
A simulation of the rocket, assuming the container stores about 48 tons of oxidizer, showed that the propellant is capable of carrying 500 kilograms of warhead and flying over 10,000 kilometers, a distance long enough to hit the western US, he said.
will lead in purchases of scrubbers and thermal oxidizers, but fabric filters will be the largest equipment category.
First, it utilizes separate expander cycles for the oxidizer and fuel.
Black powder is made of charcoal and sulfur (the fuel) and potassium nitrate (the oxidizer).
The new equipment replaces an older, smaller thermal oxidizer and is designed to limit odors coming from the methane gas recovery plant.
The Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is capable of destroying up to 99.8 percent of the Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), ethanol and odorous emissions generated from many bakery and food processing applications.
As the tablet dissolves, this powerful oxidizer disperses into the bulk solution.
The Saturn IB's first stage was made up of multiple fuel and oxidizer tanks from Jupiter and Thor missiles, bundled together, and the parallel tanks are visible in the photo.
The original propellant consisted of potassium nitrate as the oxidizer and sucrose as the fuel, and the ingredients added came from other popular propellants.
N-O-DOR Odor Oxidizer scent elimination spray oxidizes human and organic odors so scent is completely banished.