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The withdrawal from Keenjhar first comes at Dhabeji where a huge tank is made alongside filter and oxidization plants.
The authors report a quasi-freestanding silicene layer that has been successfully obtained through oxidization of bilayer silicene on the Ag(lll) surface.
Air purification by using photocatalysts produced in this research can be a good replacement for other air purification methods due to its reasonable price, high efficiency, non-toxicity and production of harmless bi-products due to the oxidization of polluting gases.
The green leaves are picked, dried and crushed before being processed in hour-long oxidization to enhance the aroma.
The most common offence reported in these centers is the failure of disposing expired cosmetics, availability of blends that fall short of the health conditions, some blends do not have labelling or contain herbal mixes or creams of anonymous origin, mal storage of some items rendering them exposed to oxidization, and the failure to comply with the cleanliness of equipment & place,".
The removal of oxygen from the pouch prevents the proliferation of microorganisms which are dependent on oxygen and it inhibits the oxidization process.
LAAO activity produced by isolate was detected by measuring its oxidization productions of L-amino acids including [H.sub.2][O.sub.2], a-keto acid, and N[H.sub.4.sup.+].
Of course, air circulation also brought in more oxygen and the surfaces of Zn clusters (droplets) were oxidized into different sizes of ZnO nanocrystallite islands as illustrated in Figure 5(II) due to nonuniform oxidization, which would cause continuous or discontinuous nanopores on the surfaces of the spheres.
Preparation of the hydroxylated fatty acid (HFA) involved sequential oxidization and hydrolysis steps [10-12].
The plastic media slurry tank eliminates the oxidization and pitting often seen with stainless tanks, as well as the associated risk of cross contamination.
According to the company, the tapes utilize FlameGuard technology to lower temperature, remove oxygen, reduce concentration of flammable gases, slow rate of thermal oxidization, minimize thermal degradation and prevent propagation of fire.
The material is divided into sections covering such topics as solubilization of sugars, emulsion, aeration, gels, coagulation, oxidization, dehydration, spherification, brittle gels, effervescence and fermentation.
A sufficient amount of concentrate was transported from Albazino to Amursk to be processed at Amursk pressure oxidization plant (POX).
There are different kinds of free radicals, but they are all essentially extra atoms knocked from molecules during the process of blood oxidization. These unpaired electrons are highly reactive with a number of things, including membranes, DNA [deoxyribonucleic acid], fatty acids, and all parts of a person's cells.