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a substance that oxidizes another substance

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Identification of VFP (fuel pump) and VOP (Oxidiser pump) is done using the RMS value of the vibration level.
The conditioning is performed upon the mixture fraction [xi] for which [eta] denotes the sample space variable, which is resolved with 101 points between the oxidiser and fuel sides ([xi]=0 and [xi]=1 respectively) and clustered around the stoichiometric mixture fraction.
It is also the first coatings production unit in Kuwait to include a regenerative thermal oxidiser unit, which removes volatile organic compounds during production to prevent atmospheric pollution.
Powered by a Eurojet EJ200 engine, a cluster of Nammo hybrid rockets and a Jaguar V8 motor to pump oxidiser to the rocket, the body, chassis and control systems of Bloodhound - the 1,000mph supersonic "car" designed to break the world land-speed record - relies on a range of advanced design and manufacturing techniques, which have been coordinated by The Advanced Structural Testing Centre (ASTC) in Sheffield.
The company has been making hybrid rockets, which use a solid propellant and a liquid oxidiser, since 2003.
Jaguar continues in its role as technical partner to the project and its V8 engine will remain the Auxiliary Power Unit that is used to power the oxidiser pump for the BLOODHOUND'S rocket.
The purpose of the Indian Space Research Organisation\'s (ISRO) experimental mission is the realisation of an Air-Breathing Propulsion System that utilises hydrogen fuel and oxygen from the atmosphere as an oxidiser.
Scramjet Engine- Unlike conventional launchers which carry liquid oxygen or an oxidiser to fire the engine, a scramjet engine inhales air from the atmosphere and uses its oxygen to burn the fuel.
It will use the oxygen already present in the atmosphere instead of having to carry an on-board oxidiser, such as liquid oxygen.
Visitors will see that 98% of the car is complete, including the Rolls-Royce jet engine, as well as the supercharged Jaguar V8 engine used to pump oxidiser into the rocket.
Peter French, Chief Engineer for Powertrain systems, Jaguar Land Rover, said, "The 5l 550PS supercharged V8 engine featured in the Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe will drive Bloodhound SSC's rocket oxidiser pump -- a very exciting proposition for us here at Jaguar as we continue to support this world record attempt.
Bloodhound has three power plants - a Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet from a Eurofighter Typhoon, a cluster of Nammo hybrid rockets and a Jaguar V8 engine that drives the rocket oxidiser pump.
Using its patented Thermal Conductive Heating (TCH) to heat the soil and shallow groundwater at the site to about 100 degrees Celsius, they will be able to remove the chemical from the subsurface and then use a thermal oxidiser to destroy the contamination.
Babcock Wanson has completed a project for the design, construction, erection and commissioning of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser at Moy Park's Grantham, Lincolnshire, facility to provide an effective odour abatement solution for the sites frying and oven-based cooking processes.
The first was utilising waste heat from the coating process back to the regenerative thermal oxidiser. The second was optimisation of oxidiser flow controls to prevent excessive temperatures and minimise gas use.