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combined with or having undergone a chemical reaction with oxygen


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Methods: The expression of tissue factor and lectin-like oxidised low density lipoprotein receptor was detected using Western blot methods.
The effects of moderately oxidised dietary oil with or without vitamin E supplementation on performance, nutrient digestibility, some blood traits, lipid peroxidation and antioxidant defence of male broilers.
"It's only when molybdenum becomes highly oxidised that it is able to influence how early life formed," said Prof Benner.
Czaja said that both findings made sense if photosynthetic bacteria were responsible for the iron oxide as microbes oxidised only a small fraction of the dissolved iron, and the iron isotopes they prefer vary slightly as environmental conditions change.
Ottestad, et al., "Oxidised Fish Oil Does Not Influence Established Markers of Oxidative Stress in Healthy Human Subjects: a Randomised Controlled Trial," British Journal of Nutrition.
This is a strong result from oxidised samples, with the implication that significant gas contents can be expected in nearby and deeper unaltered coals.
Effect of platelet activating factor acetyl hydrolase on the formation and action of minimally oxidised low density lipoprotein.
This process, together with the protection from the oxidised melanin, creates a level of sun protection in the skin.
Young girls and women flocked jewellery shops in Rani-no-Haziro, a historical market selling oxidised jewellery.