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taking place in the presence of oxygen

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He emphasizes the role of oxidative stress and contends that most diseases caused by oxidative stress are caused by chemicals and other factors.
Endothelial dysfunction, vasomotor dysfunction, microvascular disease and oxidative stress are suggested to be associated with this clinical entity, although the etiopathogenesis still remains unclear.2 Free radicals are molecules that contain at least one unconjugated electron in their outer orbit, and are prone to react with other molecules to pair the unstable and single electron.
Oxidative stress reflects the imbalance of equilibrium between prooxidants and antioxidants in favor of the former2.
The research suggests that oxidative stress leads to sleep and is also believed to be a reason why we age.
At the end of the intervention, the participants were given one exhaustive exercise and then fasting blood samples were taken to test for blood antioxidant enzymes, inflammatory markers, and oxidative markers.
In fact, pregnancy itself leads to a state of susceptibility to oxidative stress due to increased energy expenditure and altered physiological processes (Nagiah et al.
This paper is in the process of being published in a peer-reviewed journal but shows that the oxidative status of fish oil supplements is not statistically different than a variety of common vegetable oils, which are consumed in much greater quantities.
Oxidative stress is known to playa role in many health conditions, including inflammation and cancer.
The oxidative stability of biodiesel is normally affected by its exposure to oxygen, ultraviolet irradiation, metal contamination, moisture, dyes, some enzymes and high temperatures (Knothe & Dunn, 2003), moreover, it is also influenced by ester composition (saturated and unsaturated).
Blood samples were collected before (PRE) and immediately after (POST) RE and analyzed for oxidative biomarkers including lipid peroxidation (8-iso [PGF.sub.2[alpha]]) and oxidative DNA damage (8-OHdG).
No statistically significant difference was noticed between the means of oxidative stress parameters (TTM, TAC and CAT) in plasma, saliva and umbilical cord samples in two groups (P> 0.05).
Recent evidences correlated OS to the levels of advanced glycation end products (AGEs): In particular, oxidative stress has been recently described as able to increase the formation of AGEs [14, 15].
Despite multiple studies showing that uncontrolled and excessive production of lipid peroxidation products during oxidative stress are the main cause of various disease complications, the mechanisms by which lipid peroxidation products regulate oxidative, immune, and inflammatory responses remain unclear.
Certain compounds that are involved in oxidative stress look like promising therapeutic targets.
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