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a reversible chemical reaction in which one reaction is an oxidation and the reverse is a reduction

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The electrochemical activity was evaluated through the voltammetric charge corresponding to the 2nd oxidation-reduction cycle ([Q.sub.2nd]; in C) The SC (in F/g) was determined from the registered voltammograms using the following equation:
Mauk, pH-Linked conformational regulation of a metalloprotein oxidation-reduction equilibrium: electrochemical analysis of the alkaline form of cytochrome c, J.
Changes in oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), as an indicator of oxidative stress, might be a suitable biomarker for TBI.
The automotive catalytic converter market, by type, is divided into three segments: two-way catalytic converter, three-way oxidation-reduction catalytic converter and diesel oxidation catalyst.
Iron is an important trace element required by the human body for red blood cell production and as a co-factor for oxidation-reduction enzyme, cytochrome-oxidase during the cellular metabolism.
Basic physiology is discussed to allow the reader to gain an understanding of oxidation-reduction, enzymes, cell structure and function, digestion, the antioxidant system, detoxification, and inflammation.
Currently there are five sensor cubes available which can measure pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity, free chlorine and turbidity.
Products include pH and conductivity meters along with meters that test for salinity, total dissolved oxygen, total solids and oxidation-reduction potential in water.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 23, 2014-Luoxis wins Health Canada's approval for RedoxSYS Diagnostic System for measuring oxidation-reduction potential in the patient
M2 PHARMA-April 23, 2014-Luoxis wins Health Canada's approval for RedoxSYS Diagnostic System for measuring oxidation-reduction potential in the patient
Deng and his research team got around those challenges by altering the chemistry to allow an outside energy source to activate the fuel cell's oxidation-reduction reaction.
The RedoxSYS system is and oxidation-reduction potential platform designed to assess markers of oxidative stress." Receiving this ISO 13485 certification marks a significant achievement in the twelve-month history of Luoxis that demonstrates the importance we place on developing and commercializing the RedoxSYS system according to the highest quality standards," said Josh Disbrow, president and CEO of Luoxis.
Titanium dioxide layers can be synthesized LbL using an oxidation-reduction route, which was proposed in our earlier work on the synthesis of nanolayers of hydrated oxides of [Sn.sup.4+] [16, 17], [Mn.sup.4+] [18], [Fe.sup.3+] [19], and [Ce.sup.4+] [20].
Many key biological reactions are, in fact, oxidation-reduction reactions.
The oxidation-reduction potential ([E.sub.h]) was measured using a digital meter (LaMotte, Inc, ORPTestr, -200 to 1100 [+ or -] 5 mv).
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