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a reversible chemical reaction in which one reaction is an oxidation and the reverse is a reduction

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Director of the Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute's Andrology Center at Cleveland Clinic and Director of the American Center for Reproductive Medicine, presented two posters titled "Establishing the Oxidation-Reduction Potential in Semen and Seminal Plasma" and "Effect of Time on Oxidation-Reduction Potential in Semen and Seminal Plasma.
This reaction, known as oxidation-reduction, converts these materials into harmless gases and natural components without using excess chemicals, solvents or water.
In one experiment, they found that gamma rays induced a four-fold increase in melanin's ability to catalyze an oxidation-reduction reaction typical of cell metabolism.
Redox is short for Reduction Oxidation, and uses ORP or Oxidation-Reduction Potential technology, which measures a solution's oxidizing or reducing strength.
1 volts in over 30,000 oxidation-reduction cycles, imitating the conditions of stop-and-go driving.
2] depends on the level of the oxidation-reduction process.
NAD and NADH move hydrogen atoms back and forth between various oxidation-reduction reactions, helping to maintain balance between oxidation and reduction in the cell.
In this case oxidation-reduction processes are combined and proceed in solid-liquid phase of the foamed slag, which exerts significant influence on behavior of the phases, in particular of phosphorus.
Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) for Water Disinfection Monitoring, Control and Documentation.
Ascorbic acid-added beef had a lower oxidation-reduction potential.
First suggested by Charlotte Jirousek, associate professor of textiles and apparel, the activity involves the dyeing of a piece of cotton with indigo to observe the visual color change of the oxidation-reduction reaction.
For example, YSI, one of the largest DO meter vendors, offers the YSI 556 Multiprobe System, a handheld instrument that can simultaneously calculate dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, temperature and oxidation-reduction potential I (ORD).
5% NaCl in the medium, Campylobacter spp may require a lower oxidation-reduction potential in the medium, and Salmonella and Sbigella spp may not survive the change in pH that occurs in unbuffered stool as the temperature drops.
When a lead-acid battery produces current, it does so by the oxidation-reduction reaction of lead, lead (IV) oxide, and sulfuric acid.
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