oxidation number

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the degree of oxidation of an atom or ion or molecule

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High-resolution Si2p X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS; Bruker) with a monochromatic AlKa X-ray source, an analysis range of 0.62 mm in diameter, and a detection angle of 45[degrees] was used to determine the oxidation number of Si in the composite particles.
The synthesis consists of sequential treatment of substrate in the solution of precursor in the lowest oxidation number, followed by removal of excess reagent with water.
A suitable method to monitor the fate and oxidation state of the total organically bound carbon is the mean oxidation number of organic carbon (MOC) as proposed by Stum and Morgan [25] and extended by Vogel et al.
The UV-Vis spectra of the transition metal with partially filled d-orbital are generally characterized by charge-transfer (CT) bands which involve an electron transfer from M to L during optical excitation by which the oxidation number of central ion is changed by on, while the ligand field bands correspond to the same oxidation number in the excited and the ground state [12, 13].
Owing to the reducing nature of thiols, changes in the metal oxidation number were also possible before precipitation.