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Direct oxidation of ethane and ethylene to acetic acid is an alternative that has shown promise [1, 2].
It was also found that the concentrations of metal ions and ascorbyl palmitate significantly affected the oxidation of sunflower oil.
where it will test the top 50-selling retail products for oxidation and EPA/DHA content on an annual basis and report on the exposure of these oxidative compounds to consumers, since these 50 products account for about half of consumption in the U.
Knoxville, Tennesee-based 4M Industrial Oxidation is focused on the commercialisation of plasma oxidation technology co-developed with Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
They found that meat processors can reduce lipid oxidation associated with sea salts or pure sodium chloride by substituting a blend of potassium chloride and sodium chloride.
Numerous studies have indicated that nitrogenous compounds are closely associated with methane oxidation kinetics (Bodelier, 2011).
Nickel (Ni)-based superalloys are used in nuclear reactors, electrical-resistance heaters, gas turbines, petrochemical, aerospace, and heat-treating industries, due to their favourable strength and excellent ressitance to oxidation (and many other aggressive environments) at elevated temperatures [1].
Some oxidation reactions add complexity to the wine, others lead to off-character or off-color formation.
Key statement: Catalytic partial oxidation using a metal oxide catalyst surface treats crumb rubber that is recovered from waste rubber tires.
SIEMENS Energy has announced it will supply a wet air oxidation ethylene spent caustic treatment system to Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco) as part of an ethylene plant expansion.
Petropavlovsk plc announced in mid-May that it is extending by 12 to 18 months the development period for the pressure oxidation hub and related flotation plant it is building at its Malomir operations in Russia's Far East.
compile the substantial research findings on oxidative stress and protein oxidation, the removal of oxidized proteins, different model systems and affecting factors of protein oxidation and aging, and protein oxidation in some age-related diseases.
Although improved endothelial function and inhibition of LDL oxidation may be potential mechanisms by which red wine and flavonoids reduce cardiovascular risk, the in vivo effects of grape products on endothelial function and LDL oxidation have not been investigated.