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The specific intensity at which the fat oxidation rate is maximal (commonly presented as a percentage of the maximal oxygen uptake) is defined as Lipoxmax, Fatoxmax, or Fatmax by different researchers (Brun et al., 2011) and provides a measure of the maximal fat oxidation (MFO; the highest rate of fat oxidation observed at various intensities) (Randell et al., 2017).
Depending on the approach of researchers, a specific time period of the Fatmax stage data is typically used to calculate substrate oxidation. In the studies in which 6 min intervals were chosen, investigators have used the last 30 s (Schwindling et al., 2014), 1 min (Isacco et al., 2015), 2 min (Besnier et al., 2015; Bordenave et al., 2008; Borel et al., 2015), or 3 min (Gmada et al., 2012; Marzouki et al., 2014) average values to calculate substrate oxidation.
The investigators found that the MRP could be useful in inhibiting secondary oxidation in complex emulsion matrices.
Lipid oxidation was monitored, using peroxide values for primary oxidation and p-anisidine values (p-AnV) for secondary oxidation of the extracted oil over a 56-day period.
In this piece of work, the oxidation of synthetic tin sulfides, blended separately with graphite and a straight novolak, has been studied in order to see whether, apart the lubricant effect, there is any either effect or interference, due to the oxidation of tin sulfides, with the two main carbon components of friction formulas subject to oxidations, i.e.
For example, other metal sulfides, such as zinc sulfide, could also interfere with the resin oxidation, etc.
Keywords: Ethane; Ethylene; Acetic acid; Metallic nano-palladium; Partial oxidation; MoVNbPd catalyst.
It was also found that the concentrations of metal ions and ascorbyl palmitate significantly affected the oxidation of sunflower oil.
Nanoscale palladium-based catalysts have been found to be very active in the glycerol oxidation processes.
where it will test the top 50-selling retail products for oxidation and EPA/DHA content on an annual basis and report on the exposure of these oxidative compounds to consumers, since these 50 products account for about half of consumption in the U.S.
The surfaces are measured with vernier calliper and weighed on a precision balance before oxidation test.
Considerable research has been conducted on the oxidation of biodiesel fuels, but primarily at temperatures typical of ambient temperatures for fuel storage.
Knoxville, Tennesee-based 4M Industrial Oxidation is focused on the commercialisation of plasma oxidation technology co-developed with Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
studied the oxidation rate of graphitic matrix material GKrS produced by ORNL thermogravimetrically with temperatures from 873 to 1873 K [10].
The catalytic oxidation of alcohols to carbonyl compounds is one of the most valuable and significant organic transformations in synthetic chemistry from the scientific and manufacturing perspective [1-5].