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enter into a combination with oxygen or become converted into an oxide

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In all three years, applying KMS weekly beginning at 15[degrees] Brix (pre-symptoms) in conjunction with an insecticide achieved an average 65% control compared to the unsprayed treatment, and in the two years when OxiDate 2.0 was included in conjunction with Mustang Maxx on this schedule, an average 69% control was achieved.
Another option is the reversible monoamine oxidate inhibitor (MAOI) moclobemide, though this agent is not approved for use in the United States.
This experience was very instructive and eventually I showed that electrochemical generation of the Ag+ + ion (a very powerful oxidate) still could not react with creatinine (Bill Purdy's laboratory was funded to develop electrochemical biological methods) and then formulated my own project.
Upon inhalation, [O.sub.3] is thought to oxidate or pcroxidate biological molecules (directly or indirectly) at the surface of the respiratory tract, triggering a pathological cascade characterized by lipid peroxidation, enzyme inactivation, free radical formation, altered membrane permeability, and inflammation (Mustafa 1990).
(3) The ratio of V/Ni not only correlated with the luxuriant growth of biology, but has a connection with the fluctuation of water body, oxidate and oxygen-free environment.
Ani and his colleagues theorized that high serum concentrations of selenium might predict reduced levels of oxidate stress and vascular injury in certain ethnic groups that correlates with the incidence of cardiovascular diseases.
The human equivalent of this feline abnormality is the pigmentary abnormalities with deafness seen in Waardenberg's or Usher's syndromes in which there is an absence of the protective function of melanin against oxidate stress.
He mentions the proportion of hydrogen and oxygen that produces water; the formation of sulfuric, nitric and carbonic acids when oxygen reacts with sulfur, azote (nitrogen) and carbon; he adds that on the earths' surface all minerals, plants and animals oxidate "and they take ...
The mechanism of hemolysis induced by infections is not well known yet; an explanation may be that the generation of hydrogen peroxide by the polymorphonuclear neutrophiles might cause a decrease in the quantity of reduced glutathione, whose function is to eliminate, from the red cell, the accumulated metabolites that oxidate the sulfhydryl groups formed by the oxidative stress and therefore decreasing the protective capacity of the cell.
Kvaerner Power will also upgrade the system to burn the mill's strong odorous gases and supply a new white liquor oxidation plant to oxidate white liquor for further use and savings of chemicals in the mill's fiberline area.
Givaudan continues to work to improve oxidate stability over a product's shelf life and preserve flavor integrity during thermal processing.
Specific spectrophotometry of ascorbic acid in serum or plasma by use of ascorbate oxidate. Clin Chem 1982;28:2225-8.