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a substance that oxidizes another substance

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The same results were then replicated when human dermal fibroblasts were exposed to different types of oxidant stress in vitro by stimulating the NAKL, increasing expression of senescence markers, and causing cell injury.
In Figures 1 and 2, after pretreated by strong oxidants, the strength of the solidified samples had been significantly improved than that of the samples without adding strong oxidant for pretreatment.
There is a balance between antioxidant and oxidant molecules in an organism.
So, current study was carried out for the evaluation of total oxidant, antioxidant capacity and DNA damage status of gunshot wounded wild falcons.
The square of the oxidant concentration and the corresponding aggregation-response intensity was determined as a measure of the effects of oxidants on antibody activity in the agglutination reaction (Figure 1):
The order of the reactivity of the sugars are glucose > galactose for copper sulphate as oxidant and galactose > glucose for hexacyannoferrate(III) as oxidant Similar result where [k.sub.2] relative result of two substrate was affected by different oxidant.
Bob Newton, MIOX Vice President Industrial Sales commented, "We are pleased to be working together with CoolTech Gulf to bring advanced mixed oxidant technology to the Middle East.
Oxidant is absorbed and melts throughout the layer when the oxide surface is reached.
"The system used a Y-shaped microfluidic channel in which two liquid streams containing fuel and oxidant merge and flow between catalyst-covered electrodes without mixing," said UIUC chemical and biomolecular engineering professor Paul Kenis.
A free radical--or oxidant or oxidizer--is essentially a molecule with an unpaired electron.
Combining the GEX results with the GCMS's bleak outlook on organic molecules led the scientists to conclude that some unidentified oxidant is bleaching and sterilizing the soil.
Over the past several years, a number of new oxidant products have entered the marketplace.
The in situ polymerization of pyrrole may be accomplished by diffusing pyrrole into a polymer matrix containing a suitable oxidant, and this approach has been used to prepare conductive blends based on a variety of different polymer matrices, including poly(vinyl chloride) (22, 23), poly(vinyl alcohol) (24, 25), cotton (26), poly(phenylene terephthalamide) (27), and polyurethane (28).