oxeye daisy

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The free seeds include Cornflower, Field Poppy, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Oxeye Daisy and Wild Red Clover and will add a fantastic array of vibrant colour to your garden.
The study also found that logging debris can limit the growth of other invasive plant species, such as oxeye daisy and velvet grass.
Look about you at the brown-eyed Susan, oxeye daisy, Queen Anne's lace, feverfew, devil's paintbrush, New England asters and dozens of kinds of goldenrod seemingly growing without a care in field and meadow.
Page 8: Oxeye Daisy, Frostweed Stare back through these two eyes, plucked from lowing fields, your firmament of milky suns.
C[pounds sterling]From oxeye daisy, to wild rose, bright red poppies to heartsease, from white clover to fire lily and orange hawkweed to ladyCOs mantle and lots more; the collection lifts spirits like the beauty of the wildflowers.
It is interesting to recall that among it's close relatives, aside from Michaelmas Daisies, are Shasta Daisy, Giant Daisy, Oxeye Daisy, Marguerite, Tansy, and the Dalmatian which is so important to gardeners as it is the source of our pyrethrum insect powder.