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a cart that is drawn by an ox

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MSRP: $399-$449 CONTACT: OxCart, 844-269-2278; www.oxcart.com
Tsapasoa Fedraza's 20-year-old mother had taken him to the nuns, who run an emergency shelter in the town, after neighbors in her nearby village put her in an oxcart and told her to get him help before he died of malnutrition, she said.
(58) The radial features comprise oxcart tracks and rice fields radiating out from a central prehistoric mound, of which Phum Lovea is an example.
The long passage in which Oedipus and Tiresias, riding in an oxcart, fall silent after a sustained and probing dialogue, so that we hear without distraction the creaking and rumbling of the wooden wheels on the unpaved road--the matter of their conversation resonating in our minds--is among the most eloquent in the history of the art.
He killed poor Uzzah for touching the Ark, though Uzzah was only trying to save it from falling off its oxcart. He slaughtered all the firstborn children in Egypt.
"Young Widow." Oxcart: Nativist Stories from Taiwan, 1934-1977.
But he originally arrived by oxcart in pursuit of gold, like so many of the early inhabitants of Jacksonville.
After pulling their mother to a religious festival in an oxcart, she prayed that the goddess give her sons "the best thing that can happen to a man." In appreciation of their devotion, the goddess then "showed by these men how it is better to die than to live" (1.31), and so after the festival the two brothers retired to the temple and died in their sleep.
According to ancient Greek legend an oracle had informed the populace of Phrygia that their future king would come into town riding on an oxcart. A poor farmer called Gordius arrived with his wife in a public square of Phrygia in an oxcart one day.
We coasted down a rocky hill on the back of an oxcart and entered a vascular network of wide roads.
In response to prodding questions around her son's demise, Minnie lays her story bare -- but beginning where she thinks is proper, in the old country, where she saved her family from the gas by latching onto the driver of an oxcart.
The harvest was done manually, and the material was transported in oxcart, when the grains were in milky: pasty stage.
The first official shipment of coffee exports from Costa Rica were registered in 1832 and all the coffee was transported from the Central Valley to the port in the traditional Carreta coffee oxcart. Coffee production would continue to grow to an all-time high between 1989 and 1991 with total annual output of 2.7 million 60-kg bags, according to official statistics.
In August, 2013, many of the details and history around Area 51 and U-2 planes were released in a recently declassified report by the CIA titled "The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance: The U-2 and OXCART Programs, 1954-1974."
His great-grandparents on his mother's side migrated to southwest Kansas from Decatur, Illinois, by oxcart where his grandfather, Chester Haskell Houser, was born in a dugout near the town of Santa Fe, which no longer exists.