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having no owner


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Article 3.74 [section] 3, finally, establishes rules for objects enclosed within a container or in the ground, and which are ownerless.
"If it weren't for the fences separating the lots, this rugged landscape of yellow (because of the native grass), green (from the pine trees), white (from the snow) would seem to be ownerless. But owners there are," he wrote.
Driverless vehicles will end up being ownerless vehicles.
Semantics matters here because this shift enables the edict to declare the abandoned slaves as free, rather than simply ownerless property that can be reclaimed again (Major, 1993).
The author's logic is hard to defy, using as it does the history of the corporation and how the "ownerless company" emerged.
The UK Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer, who rules on ownerless goods and property in Scotland, has ruled the items should be handed to National Museums Scotland for display.
The defining act that led to the introduction of the law of contract and its accompanying provisions was passing of the Crown Land Acts of 15 July 1896 declaring all land and forest in the colony 'herrenlos' (vacant and ownerless) alienating the native peoples from their land, and thereafter vesting it as German crown land under the German colonial administration.
The Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer (QLTR) - who rule on ownerless goods - say the 100 or so items should be allocated to National Museums Scotland, who must pay the retired businessman from Ayr PS1.98million.
We weren't sure whether any code of law, either in Greece or internationally, recognized the concept of a genuinely ownerless building or piece of real estate.
What makes this situation noteworthy was the fact that the turd was ownerless. You see Cody was sharing the room with a dude from the local distributor and though both reported the turd in the bidet to the group, neither would claim it as their own.
Most of the heads of service que interviewed, when asked about what led to change, repeated this same type of expression, showing that changed happened and was not necessarily led by any authority, and are seen as sort of ownerless.
The value is impersonal because it is a value for all beings (it is ownerless), but since all things are subject to dependent origination, nothing is intrinsically valuable.
The investigation also provides a summary of all 34 files, which shows that pit bulls and ownerless dogs made up the majority of all cases reviewed.
The study said the action is needed to repress the rise of the "ownerless corporation", resulting in shareholders having little influence over the companies they own.