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having no owner


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The most common contemporary use of the term regards the designation of ownerless property, its legal status and the processes through which it can be repossessed (Albeck and Elon, 2007; Cohen, 1966).
At the one they know is ownerless, everyone throws a stone.
Or did it express a beachcomber's delight, bestowing treasures on privateers who were lucky or capable enough to fall first into possession of ownerless property?
As a result, in 1994 Quebec "introduced the fiducie in its Civil Code, under the form of patrimoine d'affectation - that is, an ownerless patrimony dedicated to a purpose, where the trustee is the administrator of property of another person, in a position not much different from that of the director of a company with legal personality" (Vicari, 2014 : 4 ).
This is another manifestation of the attitude of the state that treats Palestinian property as if it was ownerless,' he added.
The myth of an ownerless land is a remarkable finding that confounds the empirical norm and general scholarly presumptions about the nature of Kenyan political life.
He and his family were then living on another piece of unoccupied or ownerless land, using the roof portion of his log house, which he had miraculously transported several miles, as their living quarters.
It also ensured control over all land transactions by colonial governments and made the so called 'unoccupied and ownerless lands' properties of colonial governments to advance their political and economic ends (Hammond et al.
Under the yuccas lie reservation dogs, ownerless mutts of unknown origin.
The people who were meant to be buying the club out of administration have now pulled out in protest at the six-point deduction, leaving the Bulls effectively ownerless.
Karo: Indonesian officials searched through thick ash for bodies Sunday after Mount Sinabung volcano erupted, killing at least 15 people, with the only sign of life an ownerless mobile phone ringing inside an abandoned bag.
A special problem in the early post-war years was created by the ownerless vehicles that had been abandoned in ditches, woods and in fields by Wehrmacht soldiers or by private persons fleeing battles.
A woman whose business will be a drop-off site for the WAG partnership, Norma King, said she thinks any effort to increase the number of cats being fixed is good, but it does nothing to address the ownerless pet situation.
citation omitted)); Anthony Hudson, Abandonment (tracing abandonment to the Roman law of "dereliction" and "res nullius--[things that are] ownerless and therefore available to be acquired by the first occupant"), in INTERESTS IN GOODS 595, 596 (Norman Palmer & Ewan McKendrick eds.
Furthermore, the Coens deliberately chose to locate the film in 1941, on the eve of the bombing of Pearl Harbor (45), and one year prior to the implementation of the Final Solution, but at a point when hundreds of thousands of Jews had already been murdered, invoked by the pairs of shoes, seemingly ownerless, lining the corridor of the sixth floor of the Earle.