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having an owner

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At the parochial level these shifts led to elevated tension between black consumers and businesses owned by mainstream corporations and Jews in the black community.(49) In fact, a number of corporate and Jewish-owned stores were boycotted on the South Side of Chicago during this period.
[sections] 1.6046-1(i) (stock owned directly or indirectly by or for a foreign corporation or foreign partnership considered as being owned proportionately by its shareholders or partners); Form 5471, Schedule M (requiring a CFC to report any partnership interests).
Tech News Agency had been owned by Cliff's brother Norm, who is now in the general insurance business in Kirkland Lake.
Clay Two month old Staffy from Stirling, owned by Jilian McPhee
505: An 899-SF unit owned by Scott and Kimberlee Roxburgh.
A QSub's assets, liabilities and items of income, deduction and credit are treated as owned by the parent S corporation; see Sec.
* Information about minority and women owned company experience by specific trade, project type and size must be included on public certification applications to increase contract opportunities in both public and private sectors.
However, ownership of a policy by a corporation that is more than 50% owned by the insured or owned jointly by the individual and another may present difficulties.
Female owned businesses were also more concentrate in the retail trade industry.
Households owned and occupied by single women: 27.08%
Bear Two year-old Newfoundland/German Shepherd owned by Lorraine Brown, Stirling
The race included eight rounds and the results came as follows: In the 1st round "Wilayat of Bidbid Race for Pure Arabian Horses" for 1200 meters, the stallion "AF Mawheb" owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Shihab al-Balushi came first, the stallion "Kaovino" owned by Saud bin Hamad al-Zakwani came second and the mare "Lahdhah" owned by the Royal Cavalry came third.
601: A 1,387-SF unit owned by River Market Tower LLC.
Sajir owned by Abdullah bin Ali Al Mamari and ridden by Asaad bin Ali Al Siyabi won the first race of the card Eoe1/4" the Wilayat Mussanah race for pure Arabian horses, which was run to the distance of 1600m.