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He has shown very great courage and resolution, for he exposed his own life to stop the horses that were running away with us, and would certainly have dashed the carriage to pieces.
Sometimes, in his moments of rage and bitter hatred against the snake and himself, Roderick determined to be the death of him, even at the expense of his own life.
Totski was dreadfully alarmed to hear her promise a revelation out of her own life.
but would have felt him simply a part of her own life.
Forgetful of safety, of his own life itself, entranced by the wonder of the unthinkable and unguessable thing, he raised his knife to strike heavily from a long stroke, but was prevented by Balatta.
That sudden change was like the change in my own life at this time.
Imprisoned in the house of personal illusions, thirty centuries in mankind's history seem less to look back upon than thirty years of our own life.
His curate does all the work, and the business of his own life is to dine.
His conversation always made Archer take the measure of his own life, and feel how little it contained; but Winsett's, after all, contained still less, and though their common fund of intellectual interests and curiosities made their talks exhilarating, their exchange of views usually remained within the limits of a pensive dilettantism.
When she realized that she was in the clutches of the black pirates, she attempted to take her own life, but one of the blacks tore her dagger from her, and then they bound us both so that we could not use our hands.
She was the best friend I had in the world, and it is thanks to her that I am living my own life now in the one way after my own heart.
Flowers and even pebbles in the earth had their own life and disposition, and brought back the feelings of a child to whom they were companions.
Rokoff's just demands may you avert the most unpleasant consequences to your wife and child, and at the same time retain your own life and regain your liberty.
Who are you to blame me, who have offered his own life so freely?
FORMER boxing champion Frank Bruno said he would "never be that brave" to take his own life as he opened up about his battle with bipolar disorder.