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  • verb

Synonyms for owe

be in debt (to)


  • be in debt (to)
  • be in arrears (to)
  • be overdrawn (by)
  • be beholden to
  • be under an obligation to
  • be obligated or indebted (to)

Words related to owe

be obliged to pay or repay

Related Words

be indebted to, in an abstract or intellectual sense

be in debt

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The Aiwan-e-Sadar owes a little over Rs3.5 million, the PM Secretariat Islamabad House has dues to the tune of Rs145 million, the office of the Senate chairman and residence owes Rs4,043,142, the residences and offices of the federal ministers owe Rs1,872,955, the parliament lodges have to pay Rs23,526,014 and the Pakistan Secretariat owes Rs110,098,863.
The United Kingdom government owes $2.627 trillion with a debt-to-GDP of 95.3 per cent, according to 2014 data.
To avoid errors in the payment process itself, the department is encouraging those who owe money to pay online.
Assuming Brian paid all of the mortgage interest and real estate taxes, he'd owe $13,521--$23,521 as a head of household minus the $10,000 tax credit he got for adopting Jacob.
Among the defaulters, there is Peer Serhandi Village District Council with over Rs256m in unpaid dues, Malir District Jail owes over Rs216m, Karachi Jail owes over Rs18m, Police Training College, Baldia, owes Rs40m, Ibrahim Hyderi chairperson owes nearly Rs100m and schools and colleges functioning under the Sindh government owe Rs600m.
According to the data available with The Nation, Sughra Tower Hill Road in sector F-11/1, Al-Mustafa Towers in sector F-10/3 and Al-Safa-II in sector F-11/1 owe Rs 3,419,000 each as accumulated challan amount.
The issue is especially severe for Londoners, who owe PS16,380 on average each, almost four times more than the PS4,179 average among other UK regions.
If you still owe on your current car, trading it in may not be the best option.
Four of the top ten scofflaws are foreign governments that collectively owe $97.79 million on their Manhattan digs.
Overall 157 of the Oireachtas's 226 TDs and senators owe EUR74,941 for meals and beverages, figures revealed.
But 28 per cent of people also owe just under pounds 1,000 on credit cards, while 15 per cent have a loan averaging pounds 1,408 and 15 per cent owe pounds 260 through an overdraft.
The IRS has allowed some taxpayers to settle their debt for as little as 1% of what they owe. This is an official program of the IRS and the agency will fully investigate your ability to pay.
Citywide, properties now owe $433.1 million, down from $488.3 million owed in March 1994, while Class IV now owes $257.1 million versus $291.3 owed in March 1993.
People aged between 18 and 29 owe about pounds 7,718 each through credit cards, overdrafts and loans, the equivalent of 36per cent of their total household income, according to Alliance & Leicester.
Q My credit report shows that a creditor has written off what I owe them as a bad debt expense.