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the female reproductive cell

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The "additional challenge is that these data volumes are increasing exponentially and require streaming analytics combined with transactions to support taking action," according to Ovum.
In the report, Ovum noted that CGI is approaching IT-OT convergence through its recently launched Optimized Network Utility (ONU) initiative.
According to Ovum, Guidewire meets the criteria for "Market Leader" in the P&C market due to its strong partner network in Europe and the growing number of live large-scale deployments of Guidewire PolicyCenter.
In a new report Ovum suggests that renegotiations and restructurings will be a key characteristic of the future of the global outsourcing market, which will see $146bn worth of contracts expire by the end of 2014.
New research from Ovum highlights the correlation between the growth of the mobile Internet and the adoption of "smart" devices in emerging markets.
Ovum said that this means businesses are left not only at risk of data loss, but are unable to claim they took reasonable preventative measures.
In addition, Ovum praised Servion's familiarity with numerous application development tools including Cisco Universal Studio (both platform-independent toolsets), Avaya Dialog Designer, Genesys Composer Voice, Syntellect Studio, Intervoice Studio, VoiceObjects, and Nuance tools.
Ovum added that the upgrade in its 2014 outlook is driven by the Asia-Pacific.
Collaboration software: Effective exploitation in your organisation Ovum February 2005 www.
THIS FEBRUARY, A SOUTH Korean ovum bank started operations in Shibuya, Tokyo, arranging for ovum donation from a third party to infertile couples.
MY 35-year-old friend has just had her second miscarriage due to a blighted ovum.
A calf inheriting genetic information from aged female cows is expected to be born soon after nuclei from the older cows were transplanted into a younger cow's ovum, a joint clinic and university team involved in the project said Tuesday.
6Tbit/s today, said analyst and consulting firm Ovum.
Doctors would also be able to use donated ova and sperm to make a fertilized ova for transplant, and the transplant of a fertilized ovum could be possible using frozen ova discarded from the treatment of other infertile couples, according to the report.
That indeed could place undue pressure on the child, whether or not the child knows who supplied the ovum and how much the parents paid for it.