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a small or immature ovum

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extending up to 24 hours after opening; Pollen dispersion, pollen / ovule ratio, pollen viability, nectar secretion and reproductive biology tests characterize this orange variety as an alternative allogeneic plant or mixed system.
These functions could control the development of sepals, petals, stamens, carpels, ovules and pistils, alone or in combination (Ng and Yanofsky, 2001).
Occurring at the chalazal end of the ovule there is a cup-shaped region of thick-walled cells (see Figure 4G).
In dioecious species, the relationship between the amount of pollen produced per flower and the number of ovules (pollen/ovule ratio--P/O) tends to be high.
More recently, a comparison of ovule morphology and anatomy among Ephedra species (Rydin et al.
To estimate seed production characteristics we used the potential seed production (PSP), actual seed production (ASP) and seed: ovule ratio showing the ratio of the ASP and the PSP.
The works' subtitles also drove these stories: A red and blue zygote and two entwined blue and green figures were subtitled, respectively, ovule (egg) and embrassade (hug).
The aim of this research was to study the in vivo fertilization process of bananas by comparing ovule development in diploids improved with triploid ovules of Cavendish and Prata subgroup cultivars.
Eighteen women with refractory bacterial vaginosis (BV) were cured there with a 7-day course of the suppository, an ovule containing 750 mg metronidazole--far more than in a typical Metrogel (metronidazole gel) application--and 200 mg miconazole.
In view of the higher ovule to seed initiated ratio of B.
On its way, the pollen tube penetrates the stigmatic surface, is then guided through the stigma and style and placenta, grows onto the funiculus, and finally enters the micropyle of the ovule for double fertilization (Figures 1 and 3A).
As the anthers open, pollen is thrown onto the stigma, and a pollen tube grows down through the style into the ovule, where fertilization occurs.
If pollination did not occur, the ovule generally shrivels and dies.
We used the 24-hour vaginal ovule containing 10 mg dinoprostone (Propess) for labour induction.