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Synonyms for ovoid

resembling an egg in shape

Synonyms for ovoid

an egg-shaped object

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In comparison to their study, we found that in Pakistani population, ovoid shaped archwires (Oval Arch Form) followed by tapered shaped archwires (Ortho organizers Standard Form) fit best to mandibular arch form.
It took 12 years-beginning in 1966-to complete the ovoid building designed by Wallace Harrison.
MRI findings of patients presenting with MERS Time to first MRI Time to follow-up after the onset Lesion type MRI after the onset Patient of symptoms (location, shape) of the symptoms 1 1 day I (SCC, ovoid) 37 days 2 2 days II (SCC and 42 days posterior periventricular white matter) 3 1 day I (SCC, ovoid) 10 days 4 1 day I (SCC, ovoid) 117 days 5 1 day I (SCC, ovoid) 21 days 6 1 day I (SCC, band) None 7 1 day I (SCC, ovoid) 21 days 8 1 day I (SCC, ovoid) 30 days Follow-up Patient MRI findings 1 CR 2 CR 3 CR 4 CR 5 CR 6 CR 7 CR 8 CR MERS, mild encephalopathy and reversible splenial lesion; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; SCC, splenium of corpus callosum; CR, complete recovery.
With an ultrasound, hyperechoic noncompressible ovoid masses with a hypoechoic ring are found at the site of tenderness [7, 8].
compared the ring and ovoid dose distribution to study the post-operative vaginal cuff irradiation, therefore no tandem was used.
- Setae Z1 posterior in position with setae R1; peritreme reaching to setae j3; genital shield = ventrianal shield in width; ventrianal shield ovoid, wider posteriorly; calyx bell shaped ......................
They determined the sonographic characteristics of nodules, including the presence of cystic change, shape (ovoid to round, taller-than-wide, or irregular), margin (circumscribed, spiculated, or ill-defined), echogenicity (markedly hypoechoic, hypoechoic, or isoechoic), echotexture of the solid portion (homogeneous or heterogeneous), presence of calcifications, and calcification type if present (microcalcifications, macrocalcifications, or rim calcifications).
"The City Dweller" Pen Lanyard is the first product from a new brand: The Mad Blacksmith, a micro-knife and knife accessory company, it's appropriate for anyone who values his knife and wants to ovoid its confiscation tar any reason.
Cells are small to medium size with round/ ovoid nuclei, finely granular bland chromatin and small inconspicuous nucleoli with intact cells showing unipolar or bipolar cytoplasm.
It is apparent from your ovoid muzzle description that the old barrel had thousands of rounds exit it.
Cut off from the project's architectural audience, Omgeving had to design by instinct, and its solution is appropriately modest: in the cobblestoned court in front of the abbey is a "mirror pool," scarcely an inch deep, forming a perfect ovoid pond as if created by a passing shower.
The ovoid makes an appearance in many pieces, as does the granite impregnated black clay.
Three noncontiguous, contrast-enhanced axial computed tomography (CT) images of the abdomen revealed a 2- x 1-cm fat-attenuated, ovoid mass anterior to the cecum with a hyperdense center and adjacent inflammatory stranding (Figures 1 and 2).
Conidia with parallel lateral walls and round borders were considered cylindrical, and those with some thinning at the edges were considered ovoid.
Another St Ives artist is Barbara Hepworth, whose bronze sculpture Spring., an ovoid sculpture recently restrung with fishing line she originally used.