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egg-laying tubular structure at the end of the abdomen in many female insects and some fishes

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In the present study, we confirmed that females had longer ovipositors in the Goesan population than females in the Danyang population.
quiescent, walking/ flying, antennal preening, antennae rotation, palpitation with the antennae and probing with the ovipositor on the host plant, and (c) host acceptance--a final decision made by a female to deposit her eggs after finding a suitable oviposition site.
Morphology, ultrastructure and possible mechanics of the ovipositor of Venturia canescens (Gravenhorst) (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) is described using scanning and transmission electron microscopy.
If the length to depth ratio is calculated it becomes obvious that the ovipositors of members of the acrobaptus group are far more elongate than those of the dubius group (Figs 76-86).
The autapomorphies of the genus are a robust bifurcate process situated at the middle lobe of the pronotum and ah extremely short labium; a potential synapomorphy with Centromus Bergroth, 1910 is a strongly protruding, bill-shaped ovipositor.
This finding suggests that wall thickness of fully developed galls, may favour escape from parasitoidism, as this exceeds the length of the ovipositor of potential parasitoids (Price & Clancy, 1986; Weis et al.
kraussii reproduced well on cultivated olives, and these more generalist parasitoids have very long ovipositors (Sime, Daane, Messing, et al.
The abdomen is where the reproductive organs are located in both sexes, and on females, it is the location of the ovipositor, the organ used to deposit eggs.
The male endophallus made an 180[degrees] turn near the base of the ovipositor, and filled the female vagina up to the entrance of the spermathecal duct (Fig.
Some have ovipositors with which they inject their eggs directly into the unsuspecting host's body.
Baggots sometimes even bear sea lice but, as with kelts, their ovipositors will be distended and it will be pretty obvious they are full of spawn.
Medflies ruin crops when fertile females use their tubelike ovipositors to punch holes in the skin of a ripening fruit or vegetable, then pump their eggs inside.
security of eggs from predators, protection from heat, cold, and desiccation) and those favoring short ovipositors (e.
Most female grasshoppers and crickets have these sword-like ovipositors," or egg-laying mechanisms, protruding from their abdomens, she notes.