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marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea

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Additional instructors may also help watch for overzealousness, a major cited cause of yoga injury.
However, one hopes the FIA and police don't allow overzealousness to get the better of them.
The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) said Siti's arrest was made without police adequately and reasonably investigating the facts of the case, adding that arrests before complete investigations can allegedly result in 'overzealousness' and violation of the detainee's rights as seen in Siti's case.
Florida Bar President Michael Higer said the effort is not arising from a single incident or campaign, but member complaints about spending, email blasts, and "overzealousness."
Doing so not only serves to safeguard society against the consequences of tragic misuse of such materials ever again, but also serves to underscore the vital importance of caution in the face of overzealousness, haphazard deregulation, or carelessness in the future.
CRYSTAL Palace boss Roy Hodgson refused to criticise Huddersfield Town's style of play after accusations of overzealousness by the Terriers during the John Smith's Stadium clash.
But nowadays the child finds an environment typical of schools and learning institutions pervading even his house, 'courtesy' the parents whose overzealousness sometimes puts the child through harrowing experiences.
Meanwhile, Nirav Modi has virtually wrung his arms in the air saying PNB's overzealousness has shut the doors on his ability to clear the dues, which he claimed is much lower than the bank has gone public with.
this uncut wire would be altogether too costly an operation," he had mused a week earlier; he would not "have a good operation spoiled by overzealousness."
NEPRA, in it's overzealousness to support the initiative was more loyal than the monarch.
What he thinks it won't do is lead to an overzealousness in the diagnosis of bipolar depression.
The sympathy that is used in the play to empathize with the suicide of Kurunmi is only manipulated into sympathizing with Kurunmi's blunders and probably absolves him of his overzealousness. In the real sense of the word, what we witness is the fall of a great man who really does not deserve to be sympathized with as a result of his actions.
A tribute act re-enacts Francie's overzealousness and Josie's garrulous repartee to wide-boy effect, this is old-school comedy rarely see now.
The supervisory board's internal conflict spilled into the open in April, when its deputy chairman publicly criticized the "overzealousness" of another member Georg Thoma - who later resigned - in investigating potential wrongdoings at the bank.