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Synonyms for overzealous

marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea

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New York [USA], October 23 ( ANI ): Former One Direction singer was groped onstage by an overzealous fan in Los Angeles over the weekend.
It can only be a sobering influence on the growing population of overzealous dieters who do more harm than good to their bodies with fat-free or fat-substituted food preferences.
I am unable to see from an appellate decision whether the prosecutor was overzealous but assume he or she was not since they proved their case at trial.
The actor, who is staying at the same venue where the men's India week is taking place, got into an argument with an overzealous photographer on Saturday.
Whether it's an overzealous parent on the sideline, a student/athlete on a high school field or a professional athlete in a big city stadium--arguing with a referee or an umpire will get you no where.
SUPERSTAR actor Al Pacino has admitted he's no stranger to being followed by an overzealous fan.
Can these extreme predictions be blamed on overzealous forecasting by forecasters who have got it wrong so many times in the past?
In the plot a planned battle re-enactment in the village is banned by the overzealous health and safety brigade and replaced by a speed-knitting contest.
However, they were far less likely to be believed by arresting officers, suspicious spouses, and overzealous standardized-test proctors.
They took on the overzealous Christian members of the Dover, PA, Board of Education, who had decided the evolution chapter in their high school biology textbook was "laced with Darwinism.
But before they can rush to the airport, a series of delays in the form of crooked cops, overzealous cops, jealous friends, party-happy friends, jive-talking cabbies and oversexed business colleagues descend on their home.
She will come across to some as an overzealous do-gooder, but she argues persuasively that companies, and society, can do better.
For all Shatner's carping about overzealous fans and the television series that wouldn't die, Star Trek has actually been very good to him.
com, Balko traveled to the Magnolia State and came away with a terrifying tale of overzealous cops, courtroom blunders, and well-intentioned screw-ups that have resulted in what can only be called a miscarriage of justice.
Despite his somewhat overzealous and one-sided portrayal of the conflicts in which Flacius was a major player, Olson does a wonderful service to students of the early modern period of German history and theology.