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write new data on top of existing data and thus erase the previously existing data

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"On the one hand I have no physical border but on the other hand the EU Single Market ends - that satisfies both questions, then the backstop will be overwritten, so to speak.
'We obtained the CCTV footage from Al Yusra Hotel, Serena Hotel in the CBD and Art Caffe in Westlands but all the footage during the timelines when the meeting took place have been overwritten,' Ondimu said.
Is that sentence overwritten, George considers momentarily before continuing with his own lower sixth form level of hyperbolic prose?
I got curious about how they explained it to me on the circumstances behind the CCTV that it was overwritten for those three days.
"In all versions the master boot record is also overwritten, causing the operating system to fail."
Earlier this week, a report prepared by an inspectorate at Bulgaria's Council of Ministers confirmed allegations that the Defense Ministry had overwritten some of the costs, which made the final price soar by BGN 4 B - from BGN 5.1 to 9 B, VAT included.
He begins by rereading Ponty's phenomenology of text (language, painting and translation), and then moves to listening/translating and phenomenology (overwriting and the overwritten text, listening and speaking sounds, listening and speaking rhythm, writing and speaking, and translating of whole language).
Here, the chat feels overwritten and not a little pretentious, with every supposedly profound line accompanied by a meaningful pause.
BERKELEY, Calif., Rabi'I 19, 1434, Jan 31, 2013, SPA -- In older adults, memories may get stuck in part of the brain due to the poor quality of sleep and are then overwritten by new memories, UPI quoted U.S.
After a week, I got a call that one of my cheques was not honoured because I had overwritten on one number.
It has a large memory, reducing the risk of radiation exposure data being overwritten. LabLogic Systems Ltd.
Unlike physical tape, virtual tape cartridges are useable after the data is overwritten and they are available within minutes after the data overwriting process begins.
Joseph Bonneau, an American member of the research team, told AFP: "When you delete a photo, many of the sites don't actively remove it, they basically just wait for it to be overwritten.
* Ensure copier hard drives have been properly overwritten and degaussed.