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write new data on top of existing data and thus erase the previously existing data

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This explains why overwriting in Kasab's case was done," Nikam added.
Users can choose any of five methods for overwriting data, which include writing zeroes to the disk or more meticulous methods, such as writing combinations of ones and zeroes and multiple overwriting with random patterns and zeroes.
In addition to overwriting data, these packages usually offer other features, including removing applications, duplicate files and fragmented data, to optimize your hard-drive space.
Overwriting immediately damages and lengthens prose of any kind.
Even seemingly effective methods of erasure or destruction - overwriting the file, formatting the disk, degaussing and cutting up the disk - may not completely expunge data.
That kind of overwriting grows old in a hurry, and yet--in the case of Willie Morris--it's easy enough to forgive.
SEATTLE -- In response to significant interest among financial advisors in Russell's proprietary call overwriting strategy, Russell Investments has launched the Russell Strategic Call Overwriting Fund.
Establishment of Forensic Lab will help in retrieving of documents from electronic devices like Cell Phones, Computers, iPads and networks and its preservation, to determine authorship of questioned hand writings, identity of questioned typescripts and printed documents, to detect forgeries in questioned documents, to determine interpolations, additions or overwriting and substitution of papers and to decipher erased (mechanically or chemically) or overwriting.
The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) continues to be irked with the notes damaged by overwriting, which was alleged to have become a common practice among the locals.
The software scrambles the file by overwriting the data with random characters that make it impossible to retrieve.
The product offers several methods for overwriting data, including simply writing zeroes to the disk, writing combinations of ones and zeroes and multiple overwriting with random patterns and zeroes.
For example, what controls normally prevent the entry of invalid data or the accidental overwriting of a formula cell with a number?
What's more, with the physical write-protect switch, you can work in complete confidence knowing that when you lock the drive, you're completely protected from viruses or overwriting any important data.
This new service also provides organizations with high volumes of hard drives and flash media considerable data security over less secure alternatives such as overwriting, as well as considerable savings by making the drives secure for reuse by fully deleting all traces of information stored on the targeted media.