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Synonyms for overwhelming

Synonyms for overwhelming

awesomely or forbiddingly intense

Synonyms for overwhelming

so strong as to be irresistible

very intense


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Did their parents love them or did they all simply happen to their parents, overwhelming them to emotional paralysis?
The United States has clearly stated its policy to use "overwhelming force" against chemical or biological attacks.
Two hundred and twenty-six years ago our ancestors fought the entire overwhelming might of the British empire at seemingly insurmountable odds for freedom of speech, of religion, of assembly; for freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures; and for all of the other "freedoms" implied or mentioned in the Constitution.
This set the scale for the whole, prioritized the need for a wide-span structure and could easily have resulted in a rather inhuman and overwhelming building.
Incorporating service-learning methods into an already demanding schedule becomes an overwhelming task of managing time and prioritizing responsibilities related to their everyday survival and professional development.
In addition, the volume of e-mail in most organizations is overwhelming, with the vast majority of messages having little or no value for records management.
The community's struggle has been endorsed by Manhattan Borough President Virginia Fields as well as all the elected officials in lower Manhattan, an overwhelming majority of the property owners, businesses and residents in the Historic District, and The Alliance For Downtown New York, the Lower Manhattan Business Improvement.
The challenges to the era's historians are formidable and to those who attempt biography almost overwhelming. Pauline Matarasso takes up this challenge to our benefit in her suggestive narrative of the lives of three "women of power." Matarasso is an active scholar of medieval literature, having published her dissertation on Raoul de Cambrai and a series of translations and editions of Grail literature and Cistercian writings, as well as numerous scholarly articles.
The desire for adventure, to be famous on the big screen (Betty hooks up with a putter-wielding David Fincher-type hotshot director), to know the truth, to become one with another, all merge into a single, overwhelming current of feeling.
With that statement, I realized that my first overwhelming fear was not that I would have conflicted emotions surrounding HRT, but that "experts" would try to convince me to take them.
THE STATUS OF THE athletic director is ever-changing and ever-expanding and it can become overwhelming at times.
Unfazed, Kennedy kept walking and talking with me, inattentive to the commotion and overwhelming flash.
This suggests that pain may actually protect the individual from experiencing inner sources of conflict that may be overwhelming. The ego defenses, which have a particular influence on the musculature by increasing tension, prevent the conscious experience of such intrapsychic turmoil to reach conscious awareness.
As individuals send more messages trying to be heard through the bustle and din - i.e., sending a voicemail and e-mail to make sure a customer knows a fax was sent - communications management becomes overwhelming for sender and receiver.
But for those of us who have lived through these years of despair, empty promises and shattered dreams, it has often been difficult to keep the faith in the struggle against seemingly overwhelming odds.