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Synonyms for overweening

Synonyms for overweening

overly convinced of one's own superiority and importance

Synonyms for overweening

unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings

presumptuously arrogant


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He has thereby thumbed his nose at traditional constraints upon the exercise of political authority which, while not explicitly written down, are nonetheless crucial to our distinctive manner of reigning in overweening political ambition.
He told the inquiry his aim was not to "stifle one news organisation" but to safeguard against one organisation exerting "an overweening power".
My aim is plurality and that one organisation does not exercise overweening power.
Nobel peace prize winner, Sir Bob Geldof suggested that the remedy to global overpopulation is clear; it is not through diktat by an overweening government, but the education of women.
Yet while offering a nod in that direction, the proposed charter mainly serves to lock in the military's overweening power, including control over a large part of the economy.
His government's decision last week to plough on with the pig's ear that they like to call an anti-sectarianism bill is only the latest sign of an overweening administration being soured by hubris.
This is an ambitious, even a bit overweening piece of work: it undertakes nothing less than creating, complicating, and eventually resolving a mysterious secret that has its beginnings in the Middle Ages, taking readers across the centuries and continents to the present time, where it is finally resolved.
But his overweening confidence is looking a bid threadbare.
the Federal Election Commission overturned some of Congress's most overweening limits on election spending last year.
And yet doesn't this construction, by reducing the Promethean tower to a common domestic object, fulfill Anatoly Lunacharsky's demand to "link art with life" as Tatlin's overweening project never did?
His analysis replaces the image of the isolated tropical forest community that needs to be helped into the global system with the reality' of communities that have been so successful and competitive that they have had to fight political elites to keep from being forced out, The ubiquitous but historically inaccurate emphasis on isolation and resource-poverty disguises that the overweening characteristic of these communities is their political marginality and that their greatest want is not to be uplifted economically but to be empowered politically (book jacket).
EXPLAINING the symbolism of modern Easter bonfires and describing the harsh lives of child labourers in the asbestos mines under colonial rule, are just two of many methods a group of local academics and artists are using in a joint effort to 're-envision' Cyprus beyond the overweening but narrow confines of the Cyprus problem proper.
HIS unceremonious exit in 2008 and the years in self- imposed exile do not seem to have made much of a difference to Former Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf's overweening conceit or ambition.
It curbs overweening power and overweening egos--and in Washington, D.
Indeed, with the exception of the egregious Duke of York (a walking argument for republicanism, if ever there was one), hardly anyone who doesn't have the word "banker" on their passport would disagree with the need to take such a dangerously overweening business down a peg or two.