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assign too high a value to


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The majority of property executives surveyed (54 percent) put Manhattan commercial real estate values in the overvalued category.
ADMARI's analysis concluded that homes in the Bay Area are overvalued by as much as 27 percent, while in Southern California overvaluations are much more moderate at 16 percent.
concludes homes are overvalued by as much as 16 percent in Southern California and by as much as 27 percent in the Bay Area.
The NOP survey found 63 per cent of Londoners believed their property was overvalued.
This proved especially true during the first nine months of 1987, when TAA services were recommending steady reductions in equity holdings because stocks were overvalued in relation to other assets.
According to Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC), house prices in Australia are overvalued.
Based on the difference between the existing exchange rate value of a currency and that of the US dollar in relation to the World Price Index calculated exchange rate, the UK pound is 14% overvalued, according to the research.
In the past five years, Los Angeles County's housing market went from being undervalued by 12 percent to being overvalued by 48 percent.
real estate professionals believe that the market is overvalued.
A simple numeric score alerts loan originators and investment managers to overvalued properties, allowing for fast and confident handling of loans that receive low collateral risk scores.
Interest rates may have peaked already and the overvalued pound may start to fall against the dollar and the euro and ease the manufacturing crisis, an expert said last night.
Other overvalued stocks may be ready to collapse, presenting lucrative opportunities.
No one claims that Denmark's or France's currencies are overvalued.
Following Nymex's high-flying debut, should investors consider buying the stock, or has it become too overvalued at its current price?
The SEC found that the German lender overvalued a portfolio of derivatives comprising 'Leveraged Super Senior' (LSS) trades in its credit correlation book.