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assign too high a value to


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A speech from Mr Greenspan on Thursday night suggesting US stocks were overvalued, combined with fears he would raise interest rates, caused Wall Street to fall sharply on opening trade in the afternoon, driving London prices down in turn.
An analyst has opined that US stocks are overvalued and that the performance of US stocks is essentially because of the central bank's QE measures.
Based on the difference between the existing exchange rate value of a currency and that of the US dollar in relation to the World Price Index calculated exchange rate, the UK pound is 14% overvalued, according to the research.
But on the contrary, the media quoted him as saying that Ishaq Dar had done the right job by keeping the exchange rate overvalued, he added.
He explained he was the view that the overvalued exchange rate damaged the national economy.
Speaking while unveiling a report that unpacks what is ailing Kenya's economy, Amana Capital chief investment officer Reginald Kadzutu said the shilling is overvalued by 30 per cent.
However, roughly 22% of the country's housing markets are over 10% overvalued currently.
JPMorgan analyst Stephen Tusa says what's left of General Electric following asset sales remains "significantly overvalued" based on his sum-of-the-parts analysis.
The answer is that the stability of an actually overvalued rupee was maintained by pumping foreign currencies into the market, which brought down the foreign exchange reserves (forex) available with the central bank.
It tells us whether the stock market is overvalued or undervalued.
Since then, some observers pointed out Korean pharmaceuticals are overvalued, saying they lack any specific achievements in RandD and performance.
The implied question is how much risk should investors tolerate when everything seems to be overvalued.
"But still the rate remains overvalued to the extent of about 15 per cent," Mohammad Yaqub, ex-governor SBP said.
Global Banking News-June 14, 2017--Irish central bank says house prices not overvalued