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exploitation to the point of diminishing returns

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It set up a dialysis database, a system for validation of multiple claims and of deceased patients, and adopted the Machine Learning Identification, Detection and Analysis System (Midas) that analyzes voluminous claims data to detect overutilization, among others.
Direct primary care doesn't just improve access and quality of care, it reduces the cost of care by reducing unnecessary downstream health care overutilization. For a self-insured company that pays its employees' medical bills out of its own pocket, DPC represents not only one of the best ways to control costs, but also by providing better service to its employees, a way to attract and retain the best talent.
"Research progression on how to reduce the overutilization of primary crops by looking into the use of underutilized crops can be a good alternative and additional source of income.
Overutilization of shoulder magnetic resonance imaging as a diagnostic screening tool in patients with chronic shoulder pain.
A second area in which nudges have been effective is decreasing overutilization in healthcare.
with its Excellence Award for Care Management Strategies in recognition of Anthem's Opioid Overutilization Management Program, operated by its affiliated Medicare plans.
CMS plans to use PQA's measures in its patient safety overutilization measure reports which it provides to Part D sponsors.
Such oversights lead to actuators overutilization and underutilization as well as suboptimal sensors semantic correlation, degrading reaction capabilities of the system as a whole.
It is important to understand that when it comes to clinical laboratory testing, there is both overutilization and underutilization-and there are complex reasons for both.
Overutilization can occur when patients take drugs to combat other drugs.
"In the past, it was overutilization, [the claim] that you did something in order to put money in your pocket.
They see the tax "as a mechanism to curb overutilization of health care caused by high-value employer-provided health coverage," he explained.
Our primary goal was to identify overutilization of cTnI testing on the basis of additional testing after a clinical diagnosis was determined.
"Kickbacks taint medical decision-making, cause overutilization of services, and lead to increased taxpayer and patient costs," Special Agent in Charge Phillip Coyne of the U.S.
Look also at the case of antibiotic overutilization. Is that being driven by physician indifference or patient demand?