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Synonyms for overuse

exploitation to the point of diminishing returns

make use of too often or too extensively

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Dale Abel said, 'Diabetes, significantly increases the risk of heart failure, and one of the cardinal manifestations of the hearts of people with diabetes is the tendency to overuse fat as a metabolic fuel, which ultimately leads to mitochondrial and cardiac damage'.
Overuse of antibiotics is thought to be a major factor in the global rise of antibiotic-resistant infections.
However, the methods used for injury registration in these studies are likely to have substantially underestimated the true burden of overuse injuries (defined as those without a specific, identifiable event responsible for their occurrence) due to a reliance on time-loss injury definitions (Clarsen et al.
com commented: "There's so much overuse of cliched jargon and management-speak used around offices now that it's almost beyond parody, 'circle back' is one which particularly yanks my chain.
Water issues have blown up because of overuse, the drying up of water resources, including groundwater in several regions due to excessive exploitation and contamination and the growth of water-intensive crops (including sugar cane) over the decades.
If you're planning to do more exercise or play more sports, beware of overuse injuries.
Use of any medicine for the treatment of migraine more than 2 or 3 times per week can result in medication overuse headache," according to Ms.
Two of the most common "fitness feet" complaints are: Plantar fasciitis - overuse of the fascia under your foot means it can become inflamed and painful.
Authors stated that nVNS was safe, well tolerated and effective in many patients and may reduce medication overuse and medication associated adverse events
VALENCIA, SPAIN -- Single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation shows promise for treatment of migraine with medication overuse headache, according to a pilot study.
The Government Accountability Office has released findings showing evidence of widespread overuse of psychiatric drugs by older U.
According to Joseph Herrera, MD, assistant professor of rehabilitation medicine at Mount Sinai, the condition also can develop from general overuse of the tendons and muscles of the elbow joint.
In 2002, over 30,000 salmon died in the Pacific Northwest due to high water temperatures, low water levels, and toxic levels of algae caused by the overuse of the water by agriculture after Native scientists warned the Environmental Protection Agency that the water was being overused by farmers.
A retrospective study led by researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), has found an overuse of colonoscopies for colorectal cancer screening and surveillance.
That image, however, has led to the overuse of heart stents, small metal mesh tubes that are inserted in an artery, during angioplasty.