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Synonyms for overturned

turned over completely

Synonyms for overturned

having been turned so that the bottom is no longer the bottom

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He saw his father's sledge overturned, with his mother and sisters.
They tried to jump over each other, got tangled up in the harness, and overturned the sledge.
Poverty ordinarily causes no such sensations to those who are conscious of possessing advantages of an order superior to wealth, and surely a well-educated, well-born, virtuous girl need not have blushed because estates were torn from her parents by a political convulsion that had overturned an ancient and powerful throne.
Scarcely had the search commenced than the overturned cauldron was discovered, and with it the theft of the poisoned arrows.
Once, as though a warning had in vague ways flitted through his intelligence, he turned his head and looked back at the overturned sled, at his team-mates, and at the two men who were calling to him.
But it was jammed beneath the overturned sled, and by the time Henry had helped him to right the load, One Ear and the she-wolf were too close together and the distance too great to risk a shot.
SHIKARPUR -- A 28-year-old villager was died of when his Tractor was overturned at link road of village Kalo Qadrani Jatoi, in the limits of Lakhi Ghulam Shah Police Station, here on late other day evening.
A MAN was arrested on suspicion of drink driving after a crash in Colwyn Bay saw one vehicle overturned.
A DRIVER had a lucky escape after a lorry almost overturned on top of his car.
Summary: Lahore [Pakistan], July 1 (ANI): An oil tanker burst into flames after it overturned near Qazi Ahmed town in Pakistan's Sindh province on Saturday.
A tram overturned in south London on Wednesday police said, with media reporting five people had been trapped and 40 others injured in the incident.
KARACHI -- Ten people were injured when a bus overturned in Karachi on Sunday.
A GATESHEAD man has been charged with drink driving after his car overturned.
A GATESHEAD man has been charged with drinkdriving after his car overturned.
after crews cleared the overturned tractor-trailer and cleaned up spilled fuel.