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Synonyms for overture

Synonyms for overture

a preliminary action intended to elicit a favorable response

Synonyms for overture

orchestral music played at the beginning of an opera or oratorio

Related Words

something that serves as a preceding event or introduces what follows

a tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others

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Win Smith is a highly talented and respected global wealth management executive who brings an extraordinary breadth of experience to Overture Financial," said Mark DeSario, Chief Executive Officer.
Led by an experienced team of investment professionals, Overture Financial Services, and its investment advisor subsidiary Overture Investments, have developed a sophisticated technology platform that will allow individual clients to access separately managed accounts (SMAs).
MSN is revamping its search offering, and this week told another search partner, LookSmart Ltd, that its services were no longer required, causing speculation that Overture may be next on the list as MSN cleans house.
Overture CEO Ted Meisel declined to be interviewed.
Although the Life and Mission Agency believes it has met the minimum requirements of employment standards in Ontario, the overture declares "the church is called to a higher standard" which should model Jesus Christ in terms of "justice, right relations, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, reconciliation and love.
Overture is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, with offices around the globe.
I am pleased to announce Overture Networks as a Product of the Year Award winner.
The company is acquiring Overture to get its hands on a leading position in the sponsored search listings market, in order to compete more effectively with Google Inc.
He decided to remove the `Ode to Joy' section and create an overture instead.
Named "Best Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Product" during the Carrier Ethernet World Congress, the Overture 1400 is a modular gigabit Carrier Ethernet edge solution.
Overture CEO Chris McGurk noted that the long-term financial commitment from Starz LLC, combined with previously announced distribution deals with premium channel provider Starz Entertainment and with Starz home video unit Anchor Bay Entertainment, gives Overture all the essential distribution and financial backing it needs.
T-Online was clearly in breach of its contract with Overture," the spokesperson said.
Solutions like the Overture 4000cp that can help carriers magnify return from readily available copper networks yet reduce capital expenditures are the ones that will succeed in the market.
Polries, President of Overture Investments LLC ("Overture Investments"), Overture's wholly-owned registered investment advisor subsidiary.
As demand increases for both wholesale and retail Ethernet, one of the primary focus areas carriers worldwide face is how to quickly deliver high-speed, high-performance service while minimizing provisioning and turn-up costs," said Vijay Raman, vice president of product management and marketing at Overture Networks.